MikefromQueens QGTM


I’m Mike From Queens! Live In Jersey. Here to shoot the shit with my ppl. #QGTM #ProtectWomenAndChildren 🗽🍎🇧🇿🇲🇽

I told y’all I sell picks and no one budged ! I helped 75 ppl make some after Christmas / new years money tonight ! goodnight y’all ! god bless

ladies, would y’all stop talking to a dude if he got beat up in front of you???



On November 30, 2022, Blkem is no longer affiliated with CapHouse and what he is doing on discord.

As it seems, CapHouse is reinventing what we are already doing here on Blkem, and on a platform not owned by the Black community.

This is a space created for that and if you are trying to build up a "permanent" community elsewhere, taking the creativity away from Blkem for your self interest, WHILE WE ARE STILL BUILDING, then we are drifting from the goal, yet again.

Thank you!


what happened with the app ? thought the whites came in and shut us down