Meryah Fisher


BLACK. QUEER. MAGIC. MUSIC. ??????????? ??NeoSoul/R&B singer/songwriter? ?#BLACKLIVESMATTER ?? #Blacktivist ? (She/They)

its not enough to join blkem we gotta post... yall still on twitter? ... hold outs

I'm SO TIRED of people going on about the damn rona... NEWSFLASH: IT STILL HAS A 98-99% SURVIVAL RATE, THE CDC WEBSITE FLAT OUT SAYS THE NUMBERS ARE FLEXED, AND STRESS MAKES YOU MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SHIT BECAUSE IT COMPROMISES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!! Wear your mask, wash your hands, mind your BASIC ASS SELF CARE INCLUDING YOUR DAMN BUSINESS - no, you DON'T have to be in the next person's face ANYWAY - why you so close if you ain't paying their bills?! Now can we focus on what's ACTUALLY killing us?!? Thanks!!!

Our people BEEN hurting at their hands... this shit ain't new... the primary tool just changed.

Support does not always mean finance and it does not mean only business. People can show support in different ways and most times, it cost $0! Good night and be safe Black Family! #blackbusinesses #buyblack #blackmentalissues #blackpoverty #blacksocially #blacklove #blackeducation #blackchildren #blacktech #blackscientist

Where are the artist hubs/houses in Long Beach?? I just want a place to be and work on this music... a small space of "my own" that is drowning in creative energy flows... an escape and/or a focus when I need it... ?? a teacher's job is to support the dreams of our students but a teacher's job doesn't support the dreams of the teacher!! Sigh... Great morning fam, I'm thankful for this space today and for everyone who reads this, thanks for letting me get it out ?

I heard so many ppl asking 4 a black social media platform, but now u can't pry them off of the other sites. ? ...& it's not enough to just join, create a profile & that's it.... 4 that makes NO sense. Let's make it make sense. js????

We need a Black Nationality (not just saying you are black but being a member of something with a purpose) here in America that we all can identify with our own flag ,culture, holidays and tradition. If the Jews can demand their respect based off their togetherness under their religion. I am sure our togetherness based off our history here in America gives us enuff of a culture to lay a foundation with. Even if we cant bridge it all the way back to our homeland. #We are our own Nation

I'm convinced that Black folks who refuse to read are simply tapped in to a defense mechanism passed down in our DNA. Break the cycle. Read something other than 140 characters and clickbait titles because so many of our ancestors died for us to be able to flip those pages where vital info and truths wewe being hidden from us. Reading is therapy for our ancestral souls.

oh, because I thought a hatin' ass colorist said something ?? #BlackAF #MixedIsAMyth #Blacktivist (lipstick: Juvias Place; face: Fenty & Juvias Place #BlackOwnedBusiness )