Maal DeNiro


Bad knees and seltzer water. Just my thoughts, No jive. Husband. Father. Gamer. #PackerOwner #PackerNation #TeamCheech

good morning kinfolk! damn y’all showed mad love! I appreciate it all! Definitely starting this week off strong, Be Heeat out here today!

just passed my Intro to IT class!! first step of the process finished!

unrelated, I’m also trying oxtails for the first time today!

it’s been a minut but, hey cousins!! started my cloud computing classes and I’m about to take my first assessment to pass this class next week, y’all pray for me!

Good Mornimg cousins!! check on your folks today and be Great out here!!

good morning cousin!! workout finished, and the eagles lost! happy Monday!!

good morning cousins, it’s 50 degrees out and my exercise ring is closed. no complaints from me. y’all be great out here!!

when you forgot your Apple Watch at home today and did your workout late, so you don’t close all your rings, and it’s like you didn’t take any steps at all today smh

started my intro to IT class yesterday, and the goal is to knock a year off this 3 year degree and get it done in 2.

Had to hit the browser again, notification not notifying.

buddy told him he’s not a whore, then gave up the chewy haha classic

it’s a Sunday, I just finished my workout, my daughter is cleaning her playroom, and my wife just ran to the grocery store. it’s a good day!

good morning kinfolk!! enjoy y’all’s weekend and be Great out here!

Browser desktop is best, except it’s keeps saying I have a notification and I don’t actually have one and all I want to do is clear it out.

song of the day: toss this on and start the day strong!

The app keeps telling me I’m logged in, had to hit the browser lol Good Morning Kinfolk!

woke up late and didn’t work out this morning smh gotta get it in after work!

when the group chat hitting you really learn a lot about your friends lol

VA funding just cleared! Time to lock in and earn this degree! #FutureTechie

good morning kinfolk! remember no such thing as mistakes only happy accidents.

enjoying some crown and football, and I’m only watching to be a hater