Maal DeNiro


Bad knees and seltzer water. Just my thoughts, No jive. Husband. Father. Gamer. #PackerOwner #PackerNation #TeamCheech

woke up late and didn’t work out this morning smh gotta get it in after work!

when the group chat hitting you really learn a lot about your friends lol

good morning kinfolk! remember no such thing as mistakes only happy accidents.

enjoying some crown and football, and I’m only watching to be a hater

got bigger dumbells for my workout, and maybe it’s just me, but are 20lb dumbells, at least 30lbs heavier than 15lb dumbells?

good morning kinfolk, feel free to start you day off with joint right here. thank me later

I can’t stop watching pimple popping/cyst removal videos. so cringy yet satisfying

all I’ve done is reply to my group chat today like I’m not at work lol pray for me y’all

sometimes I just read threads because you guys are hilarious lol

good morning kinfolk! I got up and worked out even though I really wanted to stay in bed lol Be Great out here today!

shame on me for never playing last of us part 2 smh the first one was amazing

I stand with you!!

don’t put fruit on top of my pancakes…

late start but definitely about to get my workout in! something about closing all the rings on the Apple Watch, feels satisfying

good Morning kinfolk! play loaded bases by Nipsey Hussle and start the day off strong!

good morning Kinfolk! another attempt at greatness today, take advantage!!

mega millions back to over a billion, America think they slick, might cap a ticket though 🤷🏾‍♂️

good morning kinfolk. my vitamin D3 is low, any natural supplements or remedies suggestions to boost it up?