Karen Anderson


Wife | Boy Mom | Author | Tailored By Chef Bella | Insurance Broker | Health and Wellness Professional | 6 Figure Earner | Manifest Queen

Hey, so I want to introduce myself ☺️. My name is Karen Anderson, I’m from Chicago living in Houston now 🤘🏾

I am a wife and a mom first… I’m in the financial wellness industry as well as health & wellness. I’m a Cook at Home Family Chef & so much more‼️ Say hey don’t be shy 🤗

life insurance is the easiest way to make your kids millionaires‼️

Made some Bang Bang Shrimp today🔥🔥🔥🔥

idk care if I crack my eyes open at 6:29, if my alarm is set for 6:30 🕡 I want my FULL 60 seconds of sleep 💤.

I said out loud “someone put they foot in this food”. my youngest son slapped the fork out my hand and said “why you eating it then… don’t eat that”. y’all it was a whole oxtail on that fork 😩🤣🤣🤬

working on my brand… just discovering what my brand identity is has been fun and interesting at the same time.


The saying when you know better you do better is complete BS. I know I’m not supposed to eat a whole Xl Chicago Italian sausage pizza, cut in squares by myself… But I will do it with NO regrets 👀😩

If y’all don’t stop feeling bad for outgrowing people that had the chance to grow with you 👀

One of the things that we need to stop is family secrets. My family covered up the fact that we had a child molester in the family. And continued to have him around kids. (I was one of his victims at age 6-9).
that’s what sparked me to write a children’s book.

what are some things you are grateful for today. the first thing to abundance is to show gratitude for what you have already ☺️

If your looking for additional income as a life agent 👇🏽


List Inviter as:
Name: Karen Anderson
Mobile: 346.786.1291
[email protected]

At the end, we will explain 4 Groups. When you finish watching text me your group #

I just got one of our Blkem cousins a final expense policy for their mother and it was an immediate approval‼️ Come on securing our community and stopping Go Fund Me Accounts

I won’t be having any more babies 👶🏽 but I do have a business. Imagine how powerful it would be if friends started hosting virtual business showers 🎉🥳 for each other to congratulate them and provide support/resources. anyone is willing to allow me to host for my biz 🥳🥳

I was gone for a few hours and come back to the cousins clowning 🤔
y’all need a whooping

Alright question for you cuzzins… have you left a job and left your retirement there with the former employer?

I highly recommend learning about getting it put into an annuity. If you need info on what exactly that means let’s chat.

Click this link and then TEXT me at 346.786.1291 keyword “lifeinsurance” once your done so we can chat. I’m forever grateful for these two BLACK mentors helping me see what we aren’t taught. http://bit.ly/3ERwlCO

If you have a parent/grandparent between age 45-85, get a burial life insurance policy on them. When they pass, you will get up to $40K to take care of final expenses so you don’t have to stress and rely on Go Fund Me in your lowest emotional times.

what’s a show or movie you can watch over and over again, and not get tired?

Yesterday I helped a father set up a term policy of 700k for $25 a month. if you can’t get a permanent policy get something! I have time today to run some more quotes!! If the quote works for you, apply today. no money is due until your policy is approved!!

you don’t know pain until you get burned by a hot comb or popped with knocker trying to put it in your hair