Oh so you get a notification when people visit your profile ?! How do I creep then ?

Ok, I lied and kinda deactivated blkem to focus on uni for a month... ?? But today was my last time in class. EVER ???

Might deactivate uni to concentrate on blkem

I keep watching tutorials but I still can’t cornrow my hair. It’s too technical for me ??


I may have found my internship (I need one to validate my diploma)... ?? Pray for me y'all !!!!

Moving to America really was every kid’s dream growing up. We felt everything « American » was better and cooler. We’d watch MTV, American TV shows and movies, listen to American artists and wish we were there... ??????

I may have found my internship (I need one to validate my diploma)... ?? Pray for me y'all !!!!

?? French news segment ?
There was a survey in France and they asked : “For each category, do you think there is too many of them in France ?” And between 40 to 50% of French people think there is too many Romanians, Maghrebians, and Muslims in the country, and 1/4 think there is too many black people

I everything goes right, I’ll graduate and be done with school by October this year. I can’t wait !!!!

I’m realizing more and more I’m so blessed to know where I come from, where my blood comes from

I miss the times when $100 was, for me, a lot of money ?

The things you say when you’re mad tell a lot about you, not me..

Not Prince Charles posting pictures w/ black people on instagram after being accused of being racist... ?? Who takes care of his communication ?!?

I’m doooone with group projects. People piss me off !!!!!

Almost a week after the beginning of protests in Senegal, the president still hasn’t spoken to his people. People don’t even know if he’s in the country right now…

His opponent, just hours after getting out of jail, took the stage to talk to the Senegalese people, starting with a moment of remembrance for the victims of police violence.

Whether it’s a political move or not, it was important. He did what a leader is supposed to do.

We’ve been knew prince Charles ain’t shit, has never been shit, will never be shit !

Meghan’s better than me because I would have told each and every name as if I was a teacher checking attendance

Nah the gheeeeeetho. Someone just got arrested by the police on live wtf ? His dumb ass was setting of fireworks in the middle of the street. I’m dooooone ?

I’m really watching a rap battle competition on Instagram live. With rounds, judges, and votes in the comments. That’s great ?

It’s the Senegalese president wearing a French police jacket with the French president face on it for me !!! ? Yup, that's a good sum up

OLDER ME better be grateful for RIGHT NOW ME, because all I’m doing is for her to be able to live her best life !

I’m tired of being shy, this ain’t cute no more ?