I'm back?. School is kicking my butt?. But I will ace these summer class ?. ? don't ask about the last 2 semesters ? they were not pretty I'm on probation?.

This pic literally asking fools “ SHOULD YOU PROTECTING YOUR FUCKIN SELVES”””
Bitches I KEEEEP telling y’all we are at #WAARRRRRRRR .!!! What part are yall stilllll freaking missing?!?
?If y’all #stop letting them ROCK YOU BACK TO #SLEEP with the DISTRACTIONS & FAKE HATE we’ll have the solutions ALREADY !!!
I’m 25 & this shit STOOOPID AS HELL ?We’re in a shift we’re they’re NORMALIZING killing blk folk & nothing happens in THE MEDIAAAAAAAAAA ... Its a PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY to RECONDITION ((our generations minds)). . Yall to dam Comfortable & get in yall feelings when someone like me spea

I'm getting better at this ?.
Check out my website if you are interested.

damn i haven't been on here in awhile I be forgetting about it ?. I can't wait for the app to be complete.

In response Mario ? ? to his Publication

Generational wealth requires us to have a code of conduct first. Just as how the Asians are collectively building theirs. There's a code in their community of ownership and keeping capital circulating within. Not selling for a quick buck. That's why there's blocks of these asian/china towns. We cannot go in there and set up shop. We wouldn't even make a discussion. That code must be met with consequences.

I'm just going to take a minute to say how much I love this platform! I can literally come on here and say what I feel about something and not have to worry about a nonblack person trying to make me feel like my thoughts or feelings don't matter. Black twitter is a gem but it lacks the privacy that the black community needs to discuss something or to create w/out having to worry about it being the latest trend for other races the next week.

Collaboration is key and our New Era Brothers and Sisters are here to do the "ACTUAL" work!!

We stand with them!!

#neweranationxblkem #onthegroudxdigital #blkem

Our goal before Blkem's inception was to establish a platform based on actionability, not just being social. ?
Sociability can only go so far unless we turn it into actual work and less lip service.?
How long are we expected to discuss negative issues within the community and not mobilize on that??
How long are we going to expect these other plantation platforms to get with the program on Black issues??
How long are we going to stay in the underclass of ownership, online and offline??

Cont'd in comments...

#blkem #whyblkem #B1

The Yt ppl really act like they care & are trying to help us when in actuality they are laughing at us. They love to see us beg them for help.. #SickAssPpl #ThankYouSistar #NoName ???

This is something that needs to be discussed. This is an important issue where more BLACK voices need to speak on this. Where mobilization is necessary.

We cannot be silent anymore. We cannot claim to be for Black Empowerment and watch our brother's and sisters go through the ringer from white supremacy.

What are ya'll thoughts on this? What are the solutions?


White Students in Plano Bullied Black Boy Into Drinking Urine, Plano Police Investigating - YouTube

White Haggard Middle School St..

These past few days in Senegal ?? , « The country of Teranga (hospitality) »
- Young people killed by the police and/or military during protests
- Independant TV channels are prevented from broadcasting information
- Access to WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platform has been limited
- Political opponents are getting arrested

All that because the president loves power more than he loves the country and the people living in it

Our Blkem users,

We provided this platform so that we can socialize without all the racial trauma as well as walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Continue to get the word out there about Blkem and what we stand for. The more users uttilize the platform the more we can expand and conduct more work online and on the ground.

We are collaborating with a few organizations and platforms to bring physical and digital tangibles for our community. Things are happening behind the scenes.

We are all we got!

#blkem #spreadtheword