African black soap! Hand made with real potash.

Excellent for all skin conditions. Purchase below:

Guess what I made today? African Black Soap! I ordered the potash from Ghana and made it myself. It'll be ready and available in one month for purchase. :-)

Support black owned always!

I collected 50 eggs today!

Support black owned farms/ homesteads. Once our food supply dries up, it's a wrap.


Time can be our nemesis depending on how we utilize it.?
Understanding where we are at in this timeline is undoubtedly important, especially knowing where we came from.?
Negative history repeats itself if we continue to allow it. ?
Our ancestors did their time and the groundwork to secure a better future for us, with little to no resources. ?
We have access to more than what they had, so in all reality, we should be doing more to end our suffering. If not ours, then for those that will come after us!!?
Don't be selfish. Become selfless for Black Empowerment.

Boycott Coca Cola:

Under the Trump Adminsitration, we were left out of the stimulus. Under this new administration, we'll get help to keep us afloat.

Support black owned farms and homesteads.

I'm against this type of immigration. Sorry. Not sorry. Other people coming into this country, especially hispanics and asians, will push us further down the totem pole. They also hire them for cheap labor.

DHS secretary combats criticism on handling surge of migrants at U.S.-Mexico border - YouTube

President Biden’s Homeland Sec..

?Did you hear that Ghana has stopped exporting Cocoa tothe Swiss? They will be making their own chocolate from now now!

African White soap. Milder and Gentler than the Black Soap version. Suitable for daily use.

Once upon a time, we owned farmland and passed that intergenerational wealth to our families. Today, We own less than 1/2 of 1%.

Support black owned homesteaders and farmers. Visit my store and learn more.

?Luxurious Chebe buttercreme hair butter. Handmade by Yours Truly. Whipped to prefection and gently scented with vanilla beans.

Support black owned farmers and homesteaders.
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