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We need more active users on Blkem. We need to starting communicating with each other on Black Owned Networks as well. A simple "How is everyone?", "What are you doing this weekend?" etc..goes a long way.

We are constantly working on making this Network better and adding new features that's necessary for us to communicate.

We're not on the FB/IG or Twitter level yet but with spreading the word and getting like-minded individuals to sign up, we will get there.

Social media is only popular, based on users and usage.

The mobile

WORDS that are not backed by or resulting in ACTION are about as IMPACTFUL as a fuse coming out a bowl of water. # INSPIRE OR INSTRUCT

Only followers of this user (mudroots) can see their posts

Only followers of this user (mudroots) can see their posts

Do for self: Black Empowerment ?
We wanted to get the pronunciation of blkem correct. So here it is! ?
Empowering the Black community to do for self is our definition of Black Empowerment.?
Black Empowerment is subjective as long as it follows the path of building the Black community.? #blackempowerment