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All talk of reparations for the 3 Black folks involved in the Tulsa Massacre is over after an offer of $100,000 to each person was denied by the family.

AS THEY SHOULD!! What the fuck is $100K for a 100 year old MURDER. That clrealy isnt enough.

The family is now asking $50 MILLION, as they should.

sooooo whats the lingo on here??! i mean its not twitter so techinally im not tweeting .,so am i BLk'n ?

yall better tell them other apps we diving behind our creator ?
administrator #blkem

Waking up to my people on this app is a beautiful feeling!! ??

the deadass just went "oh your black? prove it then" ?


me in all of Dr Umar's replies after he joins Blkem

i can't wait to break up my grandkids fights ? " I SAID TURNEM LOOSE GOTDAMMIT "

YTs on YT twitter: " no one wants to get on blkem "

me: how you going hate from outside the club? you cant even get in?????


We can really just report white ppl for being white???? i love that!

bra ong??sent the link to all my niggas

im trynna recruit all types of mfs to get onnis mf ???


If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business?

like shit?

a few too many people on here at once the way this mf lagging?

once it transitions into an app its gon be up fr

when will this be an actual app?

nigga its gon take me a lor
minute to learn this?