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100% K I N G Cool AF 2??6?? 601 Jackson, Ms ?? 210 San Antonio, Tx ??

I just followed everybody who followed me back. How are yall today? We gotta interact more so that this can grow. ?

All this bs going on in our country and they are sending a camera to Mars "to see if theres life" smdh

My most recent accomplishment, my 2nd published book. "Welcome to Haiti" , available on Amazon

In response Steven Lemon to his Publication

Blkem is short for Black Empowerment. Instead of blocking a racist, we should utilize our empowerment as a collective to drown them out in finance, property ownership, real estate, businesses etc...take away their voice while lifting ours up

New Member..."it's so good to he here, yeah it's good (Digable Planets)."
Picture of paper dress I designed a few years back.
I look forward to meeting you.

July is the month to follow #WeBackBlack on IG. We're planning on having a great month, while supporting small Black businesses! ????

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We still have work to do and we are excited to grow with you all. Please bear with us. Things will get better!?

Blkem promo video launching soon!?
The message is important. Teaser drops July 2nd. Full promo drops July 7th.? #blkempromovid

Please if anyone has a Child that is still in College and so good to Study MEDICINE, tell such Student to apply to THE LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AT THE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY.
We are talking of about $400,000 in Student Fees free as in ZERO Dollar.
The School has $600 Million of unclaimed money for scholarship.
Please forward this to every Platform.
If a girl and black, there are even more perks!
NYU School of Medicine
550 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Education and Research Information
Office of Admissions (MD degree pro

Do for self: Black Empowerment ?
We wanted to get the pronunciation of blkem correct. So here it is! ?
Empowering the Black community to do for self is our definition of Black Empowerment.?
Black Empowerment is subjective as long as it follows the path of building the Black community.? #blackempowerment