Chrystalle Royale


Hood feminist, black advocate ✊🏾

Here with all your good book recs first up: Shifting highly recommended

people gotta stop the helpless and hopeless rouse and find the solutions the energy cannot go into complaining we need a resolution for the evolution or they will get revolution.

my power by Beyoncé has been on an endless loop because them girlies was spittin hard on there and speaking nothing but facts only high vibrations are welcome

I pulled my own seat up to the table that wasn’t meant for me while mine is being prepared

I haven’t had a chill weekend in awhile 🥲 can’t wait til September when I can just do nothing 😂😂

Black men have been robbed of their youth, parental figures and healthy role models. Whether it be lynching, drugs, jail or other forms of violence. Black men are coping with abandonment and improper teachings. Black men need healing and safe spaces.

it’s been a long time shouldn’t have left you 🥹😂😂 Twitter do not appreciate me 😂😂😂

Every day I have to remind myself I work to the point of burnout to become the boss in a corporate America that rejects me so that not another overqualified black woman has to fight tooth and nail to be overlooked and passed up for those who don’t a have half her skillset.

I go on all these other sites and see no real coverage or outrage about the Buffalo terrorist attack 🙃

90 degree Michigan humidity protective styles are an absolute must right now🥴🥴

Happy Mother’s Day to those who identify as a mother whether it’s nature or nurture I hope you are properly celebrated today 💜💜

about to have a movie marathon first up best man and best man holiday

I’m so protective about my hair I keep a silk pillow case in my trunk because you never know 🤷🏾‍♀️

black women have endured too at the hands of this country from unnecessary hysterectomies, to unadvocated health needs and now to strip us of what little rights and choices we do have is sickening

The way they want to force unwanted pregnancies onto black women just fo use those same babies for target practice is insane

Fun tv show rec that is not rooted in black trauma yet dripping in black excellence is Grand Crew it’s on NBC, peacock and hulu. it’s very floaty and funny and I believe they’ve done everything right!

I feel like today was a weird day because all this morning I was feeling super blissful then the afternoon was really irritable and now I’m just meh like my mood set to Michigan weather apparently 🥴

One thing about me is I buy black. I highly recommend https://www.rubbedindiamon... it’s a black owned body care small business out of Michigan. I swear by it use it myself the scrubs are so good you don’t even have to use lotion after the shower because it truly moisturizes!

Friendly reminder to not let anyone define your blackness. We are not a monolith we come in different personalities and aspirations but all around greatness. Be comfortably you even at the discomfort of others 🤎

One thing about me is I’m gonna buy books and clothes I have them in my budget as recurring expenses🥹 is this normal? 😂😂

A couple more of my current reads it’s beautiful to have relatability in literature. These are more for advocacy but I mean literature as a whole feeling a connection because it’s directed at you more like this site @Blkem

I hope my friends get on here too they be having me on my ass 😂😂

Hope this algorithm does me Justice ✊🏾🥹 because sometimes I’m really funny 🤣