Tiffani felder


Owner and creator of Gem & I Creation LLC. Where we sell Soy handpoured scented candles. For your enjoyment pleasure.

Since stimulus checks are starting to hit, here’s some reminders
1. You don’t have the right to tell people what to do with their money, it’s theirs, not yours.

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, so don’t push people to take their money and start a business.

3. Don’t talk down on others for needing this money. If you got it like that, good for you not everyone does.
4. Some people have been struggling for months. So whether they want to save it, spend it on bills, or use it to do something nice for themselves, they have that right.
Stay out of other people’s pockets. Thanks.

As a black small business owner i swear it can be lonley sometimes. your friends dont understand the motivation you need sometimes because they dont understand what you are doing. With thay being said i need some business buddies.

Caribbean Blacks who are living in the United States, we have to get away from being solely self-interested and resentful to African Americans not grasping towards the opportunitues we are utilizing.

There's a reason why we have more access to all these opportunities and African Americans, access to little.

There's a difference in treatment of Caribbean Blacks and African Americans. At the end of the day, White Supremacy lumps us all in the same category of oppressed people.

So choose your fight, wisely. Research and understand.


All small business owners check in. Comment your business name.