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Fr/En. Montréal, QC. Black Excellence all the way. Seeking for more in life. #blackwomanrising

I just finished this book! The content is truly AMAZING. I want to do my best to have financial freedom. If we could achieve that collectively, it would change EVERYTHING!!!
#freedom #thinkandgrowrich #generationalwealth #power

In unity there is strength. Together, we can achieve ANYTHING.
L'union fait la force. C'est en cela que je crois! Ensemble, on peut tout accomplir.
#unity #union #power #strength #blackpower #lunionfaitlaforce #ensemble

Every black person needs to read my latest blog. Our identity and power has been hidden from us for over 3,000 years for this ONE REASON. Check out my latest blog! https://alicianunn.com/blo...


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We know that the Black Community is a religious one, so who is us to tell you to stop being religious.?
We also know that you cannot just pray and EXPECT the capital to fall on your lap. You have to get a job, work, and then reap the benefits.?
We can all pray, sit and wait, and expect things to change or we can do BOTH, pray and work, just as you're doing now in the REAL world.

My final project in cégep (college)

A little video I made?
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These days, we are desensitized when it comes to Black death. We drop a hashtag, emojis or images and then we call it, paying our "respects". ?
Until it hits home, we truly wouldn't understand why fighting for our liberation is important and if not that, then the fight for ownership and resources.?
Most of us may not understand what it's like for a family member to lose their life by these race soldiers, but many of us do understand what it's like to come close to it.?
We have to stop the cycle of our Black women being ridiculed and or murd

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WS and its counterparts have been gaslighting the Black Community for WAY too long!?
If it continues, the ERA OF OUR GRANDKIDS AND BEYOND will be affected.?
To continuously forgive those who continue to follow and instill racial and oppressive trends from their ancestors, is saying that WE CONDONE these treatments and WILL CONTINUE to be accept these treatments as LAST CLASS citizens. ?

Instead of it being the norm, let's make it abnormal. Let's not wait on the government to pull us up from our strife.?
Let's create our own resources. ?
Let's create our own parties. ?

Someone just told me that kindness is the greatest tool in this world. We have to open our hearts and not be afraid of being vulnerable. We must do everything in our power to be kind and respectful to others all the time.
I think it's great advice! I want to be better. I want to share love and kindness wherever I go. So many people need healing, starting with me.

Here's a little background from the owner and creator of WWW.MADDREAMERSSPACE.COM..... When I gained knowledge of self I knew I wanted to do something to help elevate black people. I wasn’t good at teaching or explaining the things I learned so the next best thing was to use my creative skills and create an outlet that would be beneficial to our people and communities. Here at Mad Dreamers Space we want to aid in the success of black creators who have small businesses and be a place where black buyers can come and shop for unique products handcrafted with the love of our culture in mind.

I just watched The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on Netflix. It made me feel grateful for my life and what I own. Really great movie!!!

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THE BLKEM INITIATIVE Social Media Shutdown - Sep 15, 2020.

We are calling on The Black Community and Our Allies to log off Non-Black Owned Social Platforms and utilize Black Owned.

This includes YT, Dating sites, streaming sites etc..This initiative is to push exposure for Black Owned platforms and show that we do exist online.

For so long, we have been dependent on a system that keeps us dependent. Being dependent keeps us in check.??
It limits us from becoming visionaries. It prevents us from becoming who we truly are.??
We are satisfied with small handouts as long as we are comfortable. So we accept the status quo.??

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I think I'm gonna talk about my feelings here way too often lol... It makes me feel good to write a little bit every night and share my thoughts. I'm not satisfied yet with where I'm at. I wanna continue working towards my goals and work on myself to become someone better every day. I'm gonna share a little bit of my journey here and on YouTube, because why not ^.^

I need more positivity in my life right now. I need to do what I know is best for me in order to be fully happy. With everything going on in the world, I feel like joy and peace of mind are disappearing from my life, but I have hope that everything's gonna be okay.

I don't know what's going on with me but I feel sad really often. I feel like I need to get away from the routine and be more adventurous. LIfe's too short to not enjoy every moment, but I have no energy to do anything... WTF is wrong with me?!

I'm stressing out about going to university... Online courses and all... meeting new people... It's the beginning of something new, but I'm not that excited about it... I'm scared to not like the program I chose and to not get along with my classmates... and feel lonely

We all know it's the other way around.
Images like this sickens me.
The way this "artist" pictured the #blackwoman is disgusting and #stereotypical ... I hate to see it.

We'll just leave this right here..we NEED genuine leaders in the Black Community.

Not all Blacks are poor. A lot of Blacks are living comfortably. Some Blacks are rich or extremely rich. But I feel like none of them have created a stable generational wealth. As a collective, we should seek for wealth and not ephemeral riches because #wealth is #power

We often talk about #whiteprivilege . Because we know it exists and we see the damage it’s causing in society on a daily basis. What can we do to change the narrative, as black people? We need to create our own wealth and become financially independent as a whole. #Blacksrising