Doreene McIntosh


I'm a mother, grandma, and a member of society who chooses to stay informed of issues that concern me as an African-American Woman.

Y'all still eating 😆 I am 😜 Good night my luvs, Gma out 😘

Good night nieces and nephews I hope you all had a good eat all the food you can eat day. Auntie / Grandma out 😘

Good morning y'all! So, y'all's Auntee/Grandma is being hit on at work by a young man 40 years her junior. Yeah I said 40! Although I'll never act upon it the old girl is over here blushing☺️

Good morning my nieces and nephews! Let's make it do what it do. Have a great day!

I had COVID and flu shots today. Just curious as to how many here have been vaccinated and why or why not.

UGGGH! Tomorrow I have to deal with a person in the workplace who stinks. Friday was the worst. When they approached me I nearly threw up. It was an indescribable stench that shook me to my core.😖😡🥴

Supervising these young folks in the work place is exhausting. 😔 I'm trying to keep hope alive ... BUT DAMN!!!

Good night to all of my beautiful neices and nephews. Sleep well, until tomorrow 😘

Ok so I'm back and I'll never leave again. Now for the important part I am a senior citizen 67 years. I have lost 50lbs since I first joined BLKEM , SOOOO can y'all please tell me how to change my profile picture!😆😜😁

#SAMEGANG That’s NYPD a officer James Kobel. ?
He is the head of the NYPD Equal Opportunity Division - which is supposed to combat racism and discrimination. ?
It was just definitively determined that he wrote dozens, maybe even hundreds of explicitly racist and white supremacist messages across the Internet. ?
Summary - the man leading their anti-racism work is an actual white supremacist.

95 African Americans have been killed by police in the #usofamerikkka since George Floyd was murdered in May... --George Crump

How did you? We're curious!?
Let's us know in the comments. ?

Thank you for joining Blkem. Let's continue to invite members as we need to start working on FOCUSED goals for the Black community. #blkemstrong