Jonas Trueth


[BLKEM Public Figure] Artist and MMA Street fighter polyamorous MeVahRimSek?????

Would you Love me if I had no penis.
Would you Love me if I couldn't clean shit.
Would you Love me if I couldn't bring shit home but a bone starving cuz it meatless.
Would you Love me if I had no passion and everything I touched started cracking.
Would you Love me with broken promises when I lied about what happened.
Would you Love me unconditionally if I never change my ways.
Would you Love me cuz you said you Loved me all the way to my grave.... ? ?


All I need is Loyal women on my team who are about building generational wealth. I'm doing my music and fighting. Investment in BLKEM and more to come.

Risk takers and women who are health oriented and knowledgeable of growing without allowing life to make you stagnant.

I'm here to give my all too you and build this tribe Mellarazion ????

A tribe full of colors Aboriginal and indigenous alike. Africa, Indians, and Asian, Aztecs ??

before i got another tattoo today....(ps. for all my future posts i will only write in lowercase letters.)

Im about to get tatted up on my face! Me Vah Rim Sek! Dont wish me luck that shit fake and superstitions! Famous this year! #RiseOfDaPheonix

Im about to get tatted asap last nite after work the artist was inexperienced so I had to pass on him. Gearing up for the music videos here in Phoenix for the summer. #RiseOfDaPhoenix

My external hardrive full of songs and memories 15 plus years is gone damaged no longer works but what makes you think thats gonna stop me.....#Riseofdaphoenix

My steps are always bliss wherever I go. I know its my soul and melanin.

Hope everyone is living out there skin color today ?? Empowerment!

I Love Arizona! Do we have any members here who live in the Phoenix?

Going to Cali next week to go see one of my Queens. Had to let one go because she was not building for the tribe so now we are looking for our second Queen! We invested in our own land to raise our own Community and tribe off grid life! Back to the Earth Aboriginal and American Native indigenous lifestyle!


A Legend who can live in his car ...can not wait to Go off Grid...Live off the Earth!

I Just now seen my mentions....forgive me. DM me for a collab.

Anyone on here making music? Please share!!! Here's mine.

I wanted to show the very white music community in my town that I can do everything they can do with a guitar, and more. I'm self-taught and do my own recording, writing and performing.

the number 6 identifies man and when you put 666 it represents the Beast which is really Mellanated individual...The bible describes us as Beasts because we are what they want and worship but its all in reverse we are the light and the pilgrims are the Darkness.

My words may sound crazy to those who are still in the matrix and do not think for themselves but think outside of themselves and are still atatched to the Worl and not the Earth! You are blinded by World Perception and need to turn on your light inside sooo you can seee again! The mark of MAn 666 your genetics is under attack......

We are entering into a new era and Akon City is a Big example of this change....The agenda of America is being moved Globally it is really a New World Order and those caught up in the Matrix will not even see it coming..... Also this Covid 19 has Completly changed DNA permently for those even the Vaccines you are vulnerable to being neurologically controlled as well as your offspring.THe pilgrim have the technology to be in Mellanated peoples bodies and control think we have won the battle but untill you remember who you are we have already lost.....They will use our bodies as a pup

As long as our culture and beliefs are not forgotten lets not Say we are bringing New York Queens to Africa...Black AMericans are too Westernized our HIstory can not be picked and chosen otherwise we will begin to disrespect who we were and change into something completly different...Ecducate yourself as well...just because you are brown and dark does not mean all are Africans...some of us are aboriginals from the American Soul which was once identified by another name before pilgrimage...SOme Africans know the Truth and some do not because of the interaction with outsiders...

Ive Decided to pass on the Collab for now...I feel like im being used...Fame and Fortune is not that serious to make a bad decision.

Im booked for a Hotel in London and supposedly will be working with WIZKID STARBOY....Stay TUNED

I must preparemyself to be denied by these white platforms when it comes to this music...My Album "Mella Wall Street" is full of Black(mella) Empowerment and I do mention the white Demons soooo if anyone knows anything about a black(Mella) Music Distribution company please connect me with them ASAP! I am scheduled to drop this Album by this Summer and Now Im leaning toward Just breaking the Mainstream with my Freak Music first because I know it will not be denied by the PUBLIC!!!


This Platform is Going to Be Huge Just ?
Im Definitely Dropping Bags on #blkem
Famous This year ?