i got so many memes against white folks dont let me catch one on here?

a few too many people on here at once the way this mf lagging?

i hope i did them verification steps right cause if i get a notif saying im a cracka in disguise...?

If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business?

ong feeling like a celebrity assum?

YEAH... IG & Twitter can gtf im verified hoe ?????

literally !! we all gotta follow each other and be the fore founders of this mf ?

i just realized theres not a lot of people on here rn so we need to grab the unique usernames?

One thing i alsp love about this is how i can see everyones tweets. not just people i follow

Just wait for the app, the yts aint ready for this.?

In response Site Admin to his Publication

thankblkpride101 he was inder a twitter post and here we are ??

Follow me and Ill follow ya right back. Not on no Hoooollyyywood shit

I can already tell this finna be my new favorite social media platform.?