I Am ....
3 months ago

Every need and I do mean EVERY NEED will be met by THE PROVIDER (God)!
Good Morning Everyone!

It's nothing better than living in the moment ...

This world will be quick to try and slap labels on you and categorize you, but YOU ARE who God says you are‼️#Goodmorning

God loves consistency! Whatever God told you to do, continue to do it diligently!

Rainy days be having me in the best of moods.. Im always so calm and relaxed..

I'm participating with my yoga instructor in a head stand challenge and the last day is the 15th ... so far this is where we at ... 8 second hold babbbbby 😏

I keeeeep refreshing my email like Ima get a responce at 9pm... I need to work on my patience

My hands are drying out sooo badly with this excessive use of alcohol. It was 75 degrees today and I was drenched in some thick shea butter and I was not penetrating... I was just looking shiny

I've had it up to🎚herrrrrrrre with folks. I'll do it my damn self.

Neveeeer in my life did I think matcha would pair with blueberry but I'll be dammmmmned. I tooooe that drink upppppp

Whether spiritual, mental, or physical. God WILL supply ALL of my needs! What an awesome God we serve! Good Morning Everyone!

If you are getting OD emails about me viewing your page......

I'm always battling timeeeeeee... why isn't there enough hours in the day for meeeeeee!?


As we stated before,   
We're not here to compete with other platforms and/or those that's doing the work. We want to work with you.   
We're not here to sugarcoat raw truth when we have clearly taken up the bottom class position, comfortably. We want to push content that helps us build, together.  
We're not here to seek other interest except for the Black interest, until we can establish some sort of foundation, we can throttle from. Our economic foundation is important for us.  
Contined in comments...

#blkem #collaboration

I don’t know who this is for...
But you ALREADY have the VICTORY!
Back up in God and let Him finish this battle for you‼️🔥
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

and nuffff said !

I don't come second to nobody🚮

i agree... If momey wasnt the root of many of pur decisions, we'd be doing things that we love and not doing things just to live ...

Imagine if everyone went to work loving what their job title consists of & actually take pride in the job title that they wanted to be since they were kids.. It'll be better everything. Better service, better results, people will have more patience..#IfEyeRuledTheWorld

its definitely not easy at alllllllll... its a day-by-day transistion... but you will begin to see life differently and the energy you put out in the atmosphere comes back to you 🖤

You can change your life by changing your mind frame and attitude

this is sick.

So..you mean to tell me...You let this man kill 8 people, including an officer and he walked away without a scratch?

They really protect their own. They go out of their way to make sure, no harm comes to these white domestic terrorists.

These mass shootings are tell tales of their b.s. "I was in fear for my life" narrative when it comes to Black folks.

Pay attention!


Officer killed in Boulder shooting identified | USA TODAY - YouTube

Eric Talley identified as poli..

off days are soooo nice. i woke up to the birds.
im high off life.


I know These ppl are not saying this is how much money you'll have to make in order to own a house in each state🤦🏾‍♂️

Tink be telling my life story in these songs..

I am at work bout to crasssh. ALREADY. Coffee is literraly just a laxative for me at this point!

its soo hard to find no salt tortilla chips..

STOP ENABLING PEOPLE TO CONTINUE TO DO THE WRONG THING! Its never "your business" until it interferece with YOUR BUSINESS and that is where privilege is born.

I had a nightmare ... i rarely dream so im really trying to see what message Jah is trying to relay to me