surya jones
2 months ago
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surya jones


222. she/her. 🏳️‍🌈.

whoever made dasani water goin straight to hell they know they so wrong for that 😭

this school work not getting done tn. im tiedddd


If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business🥴

nigga its gon take me a lor
minute to learn this😂

@blkpride101 thank you for tweeting about this platform!

First of all, we want to welcome the TONS of people that were joining Blkem while we slept. Got us cracking up! Now we have much more work to do in verifying your BLACKNESS.

So please bear with us and you will be notified when you get that brown checkmark!

Our goal is to assist in building the Black community, just as those plantation platforms, FB/IG, Twitter, SnapChat etc...would for theirs.

Mobile app is coming very soon to include new features on this platform so please bookmark this site and engage with each other at least 2 - 3 times a week. Give Blkem that same energy.