Jasmine Love
19 days ago

Whether you are a male or female, we all get tired and worn out in different ways. Thank God the Lord is ALWAYS fighting on your behalf!

What is everyone's take on ppl wearing revealing swimwear to family waterparks? I honestly think if it were a problem, there would be a dress code. Kids just wanna have fun, they aren't worried about big booty judy in a thong 🙄#opinions #mindyourbusiness #Goodmorning #thoughts #blkem

A Lion isnt the King of the Jungle because how much meat it has stacked up. A Lion is King of the Jungle because what it is willing to do to get the meat. # Get the check but eat from your Respect.

Same cos sis is new here 🥴

sooooo whats the lingo on here🤔?! i mean its not twitter so techinally im not tweeting .,so am i BLk'n ?