Janet Bowen
14 days ago
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Janet Bowen


Registered Nurse ER - Promoted to Clinical Nurse Specalist

positive thinking is great. it gives you the extra edge to move foward. great inspiration

just want to encourage all to stand in prayer in your home, before you leave to venture out and be strong in the Lord

ST Vincent in the Caribbean, new explosions daily. Myself together with other workers will be donating a barrel, many hospitals are doing the same

many hospitals are short staff, so agencies are getting thereete share of work to send staff.in at a bonus pay

i was really grateful for the help to serve and also assisting with some Jamaican food ordered by my friend from helping U home care

i was able to Launch pressure Injury skills fair all expenses paid at my facility. Abke to educate staff about the care we give to our community. i will try to upload some pics

with Blkem's i was able to reach out to a family, who were able to put food on their table and some fundings to pay some bills

Just want to reach out and say thanks to the support from blkem with my promotion

its a beautiful thing you are doing i. helping people to expreas them selves. i sent it to Trinidad, so people feom different parts an give their opinions or share things

my community people are reaching out to each other, things much calmer here in brooklyn, canarsie where I live. some areas in brooklyn, not so calm robbery, gunshots etc

just reenforcing to everyone be safe. As adults we have aduty to educate our children about the virus, but not to keep our eyes os. that only but to trust the Lord daily

we as a community stand firm in prayer, that where our answers lie

over 2million people are affected, so thats why they hired o er 3000 contact callers to track and update.

well as you know in Arizona the Er over flowing, many states are going into more crises as we speak. The Pandemic never left. mask will continue

we have to continue in prayer and support for each other

fire cracker all over and its not 4th of July. small kids are scared