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Registered Nurse ER - Promoted to Clinical Nurse Specalist

Good morning take time out each day to give yourself a great breakfast

Good day great time to spend with family and do some cooking. We have to continue in prayer and uplift the name of Jesus Christ. He is our only deliverer

we will be heading into a holiday weekend, Be safe wear your mask. The delta variant is active in almost 49 states

Good day every one, hope you have been trying these recipes

it helps improve heart health, improve skin conditions, has protein , calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, deceease high cholesterol, high blood pressurr, reduce weight, reduce blood sugar and has many more benefits. drink lots of water when using

Good day, today I am introducing the benefits of chia seed

Good day, its always a pleasure to share the recipes

I know it a great week coming up to all the wonderful men who has helped children. I am sendingna sponge cake recipes for the wife

Good day everyone, a coworker borrowed my recipe book and really did not want to return it. So I waited one week. I did the vegetarian loaf all vegetables. I have 4recipes to share. You can make a different one for your family as you go along each week

The previois recipes, I did and it really was great. Today Im sharing a veggie loaf. You can implement what you like in it. use cabbage if hou dont have spinach

i preparing Ahead Sunday Lunch. i will post the recipes and a picture befor the veg Lasagna goes into the oven. Many times you can add different veg to accommodate the recipes. You also have to be the one who wants to start eating healthy. Please share with family, thats looking for a bit of a healthy lifestyle

Pleasant evening to all. Today I am back in the kitchen with healthy. I did saute cube fish and add a bit of chopped bokchoy with grated carrots and choped bell pepper with grated garlic and chopped onion, over brown rice. i put the semi steam bokchoy in the fish let simmer on low. some people may want to fry their fish then add to the bokchoy with other ingredients on low fire

Good morning, have a blessed weekend. I am sharing another recipe.

Hello all, just reminding about eating healthy. Quinoa, sesame seed, chia, ground flax seed. The recipe I am sharing will and can be used in place of butter. Seceet add some parched sesame seed . sesame seed can be soaked obernight and then blend in oat, almond milk for geeat benefits.

Good day I did not forget to share. I know how important ito each one help one

Good day, I am sharing another healthy recipe. I baked blue fish, made some Red beans, and made quinoa with vegetables chopped finely. I also made some cold slaw. You can substitute vegetables you like and for your budget

i made the power smoothie added some pine apple ginger and some spinach leaves added some. chia seeds

I have a burger you can make and grill for rhe holiday coming up next week the Lord spare life. Have a blesed weekend

My coworkers have fast fingers. They were excited and found Blkem on instagram twitter etc. They said congrats you all are doing a great job. The awareness is great