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Millennial Minister|Author| Christian Coach|Speaker| Podcast Host Real Talk With Sam Series| HU 2x Grad ‘18 ‘20 IEmail Me For Collabs✨

God WILL give you the strength and all that you need to keep going! I'm a witness!#Goodmorning

Your individuality makes room for your gift(s).

Your gifts will make room for themselves.

It will open doors that no man can close!!


Your journey with God is not a prestige race, it’s a marathon full of grace, humility and love!!


God will never forget your selfless acts of care and love that people tend so easily forget; its all recorded in His record book! Good Morning Everyone!

Whether you feel like you’re succeeding or just existing, you are still living!!

That privilege was not granted to everyone, you are still here for a reason!

Good Morning Everyone!

God is blessing you, so what right does your fellow man have to try to discourage or dismantle the gifts that were given to you?Don’t let anyone discourage your purpose!#Goodmorning

When you realize just how much God loves you, you are confident that God’s got you!!

Good Morning Everyone!

The moment you lose faith is the moment you stop moving forward in the Lord. The only way you will see the promises of God is to KEEP & build the FAITH! Good Morning Everyone 🗣🗣

Whether you are a male or female, we all get tired and worn out in different ways. Thank God the Lord is ALWAYS fighting on your behalf!


This scripture has been resonating in my heart lately...

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!”

(Psalm 34:8)

Good Morning Everyone 🗣

God NEVER gets tired of hearing from you! He sacrificed His only Son for a chance to spend EVERY DAY with you!#Goodmorning

Me: Lord I’m struggling with this & I’m tired of going through it.

God: Don’t worry, I have the solution you need in place waiting on you🔥


Not everyone needs to know your business, choose wisely who you give information to!#Goodmorning

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If you see someone who needs help and you have the means to do it, don't pray for someone else to come, GOD POSITIONED YOU TO DO IT!#Goodmorning

When people or situations present you with something opposite of what God promised you, declare the enemy is already defeated and you are already victorious! Good Morning Everyone!

If you believe and trust in the Lord, trust that He is working on YOU! You'll never be the same!#Goodmorning

2/2020: Followed God's orders to finish my internship early

3/2020: Covid-19 pandemic strikes

5/2020: I Master’d It!👩🏽‍🎓

8/2020: Commencement gets canceled and I watch my name go across a screen for an online ceremony

5/2021: After patiently waiting, I GOT MY MOMENT! (I Thank God)

How many of you believe today IT IS ALREADY DONE?! Well, IT IS ALREADY DONE!#Goodmorning

Sometimes we just need to sit back and let Jesus take the wheel...

THIS BATTLE IS NOT’s the Lord’s‼️🙏🏽💃🏽#Goodmorning

With God on your side, you can make a liar out of those who still try to condemn you for what you did in the past! You are a child of the King, Keep moving forward✨👑#Goodmorning

Today, I pray your eyes will be open and your ears will here what He is saying to you! Good Morning Everyone!

Today, I pray you realize and appreciate the blessings behind the obstacles you face! Good Morning Everyone!

Want to appreciate God more?

Dive deeper into knowing AND UNDERSTANDING the Word! 🌟 📖


The gift of God's mercy and grace IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING! Good Morning Everyone!

When I tell you it was NOTHING but the Grace of God!!!🔥💃🏽#Goodmorning

You are God’s child and you sit at the reserved table.

While there are seats open for others to join and connect to you, NOT EVERYONE can sit at the RESERVED table‼️#Goodmorning

WOG: You are MORE than just a trophy for someone to show off in public and abuse in private!#Goodmorning

WOG: The qualities you have can either destroy others or produce good fruit. It's worth taking a moment to reflect on what you are producing!#Goodmorning