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FearFULL to FearLESSLY Purposed✨|Author| Millennial Minister & Coach|Podcaster|Speaker|HU 2x Grad ‘18 ‘20 I❤️2 Laugh| Email Me For Collabs

When you allow God to Re-NEW your mind, He will show you a NEW way to walk with Him 🔥
A walk with more compassion, wisdom and grace ‼️#GM

I’m believing that God is going to drop some long awaited promises THIS month! Not just the blessings but REVELATION & HEALING! ✨

To God Be The Glory In Advance‼️

Good Morning Everyone 🗣

DO NOT allow the enemy to downgrade your thoughts and desire to PRAY!
Stay 🔌 into God and keep upgrading spiritually‼️#Bewareofthetricks

If God kept you this week, take a few seconds to shout AMEN!! ⬇️#Goodmorning

Strive to live your life and use your life’s experiences for God! You never know who’s depending on your testimony💯✨
Good Morning Everyone 🗣🗣

When you pour your heart out in prayer to God,
He will NEVER leave you hanging!
He knows the condition of the heart 🙌🏽🤍
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

Father as you elevate me, I’m not gonna leave you behind because you never....NEVER left me!!🔥🔥❣️

People and pain may drain you, but my God can and WILL always restore you and help you🔥
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

When you spend more time with God, your desires WILL begin to change!
You’ll want what God wants for you, which is more than you could ever imagine✨
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

Lord, forgive me for the days I didn’t put you first, but you put me first when you saw past my insecurities!
Thank you for your undying love and divine Grace! ❤️#GodIsMoreThanGood

When you get that blessing that God pronounced, don’t forget to acknowledge the One who made that promise possible! 🔥✨#Goodmorning

Even in the midst of adversity, God will bust doors OPEN for YOU! I’m believing that for somebody!!🙏🏽👏🏽#GOODMORNING

You may invest in what seems like a lot in the beginning, but when you invest in FAITH, an overflow always comes in the end 🔥
Good Morning Everyone🗣

God will hold your hand through the sunny and the rainy days, the good and the bad times! ☀️🌧✨

A Sign that you are a child of God that is dependent on God for the next move....
“God I need you to speak to me about this, I won't do this without you." ❤️#Goodmorning

God: If you go through this door,
I will open the doors that you asked me to open!

You MUST go through this to get to where I’m leading you!💥

Good Morning Everyone 🗣

God wants his soldiers to stand and fight when its needed, not stand and pose as one 💯
Good Morning Everyone🗣

Starting your day off with talking to God is time WELL INVESTED💯🤍
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

God loves you on such a deep and profound level, He just waits for you to wake up in the morning and communicate with Him❤️🗣#Goodmorning

When people ask how I got this far:
The grace of God, hard work and determination!🙏🏽☝🏽#Goodmorning

The mercy and grace of God sustains us in EVERY way, that’s why I don’t take it for granted!
If it wasn’t for God where would you be? 🔥#GODSGRACE

God’s plan for our lives AND His timing is perfect-
don’t worry, God’s got you and wants nothing but the best for you! 🔥
Good Morning Everyone 🗣

As a child of God suffering is not exempt from your life...but neither is UNSPEAKABLE JOY!!🙌🏽#Goodmorning

Walking with God is not a once-and-for-all decision,
it is a DAILY journey!
Good Morning Everyone 🗣