amani love
4 months ago

all i gotta say is, the really real niggas have never been offended that we say the rest of y’all ain’t shit😂 they’re smart enough to know that ‘ain’t shit niggas’ , ain’t got shit to do w them😏

😭dang i didnt know it shows that you visited someones profile lmfaoooo TELLIN ALL MY BUSINESS😂, im tryna creep in private thank you very much!

they still dont care about our Black asses. keep applying pressure

The loudest ones aren't the ones you should be paying attention to.

Less than three months until my birthday 🖤🔥. Anywho back to our regular programming 😂.

i unfollow ppl on instagram everyday lol so many old and inactive accounts! +boredom

i cleaned the whole house yall! washed sheets and pillow cases , bleach in the dish water. scrubbed the shower, cleaned the whole bathroom, swept and cleaned the room 😭😭feel a little okay!

there is absolutely nothing attractive about someone elses partner to me so there is no need to feel threatened. im coo

not gonna lie, now that im sober, my friend and i were the only two Black Women at the music video and the white gurlfriend of the Black artist whose video it was kept trying to make excuses for why she wanted to switch us out with other models multiple times. ima wait for the video to come out to see if she had them cut us out of scenes or if im just overthinking before i say something. in private of course but like dang gurl why even approve specific models if you were going to be moving weird like that.

i always feel like i talk too much 😫 i be getting anxiety after i say something and then just being stared at😭i b wanting to shrink in size so no one can see or hear me maaann.. i think it’s from feeling like im too much for ppl ☹️that’s y ion even like to talk like that no mo

Me to myself: Live your life for yourself and stop feelin bad about it. You can't carry everybody with you.

i got a last minute gig for a music video yesterday and it was actually dope as hell and pretty legit. i got drunk and evrything but i was okay dont worry yall lol

bc i was supoosed to clean but didnt.. again

i was supposed to clean today but its too late now maybe tomorrow lololololol

i was supposed to clean today but its too late now maybe tomorrow lololololol

"when you get a new tattoo" lmfaaaoooo i was so high when i recorded this in 2019