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I am a Writer and Published Author. I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force for 5 years. I have many hobbies and interests!

Have yaw seen this family?!

Anthony Thompson Jr. - a Black 17 years old high school student - killed by police inside of Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, US, April 12, 2021.

KIDS!! These mfs are on an agenda, you can’t convince me of any thing else.

Full details in the article:
Rest in Power to this young King.

"Power is not a mistake

out of which the powerful can be educated.

it's not a misunderstand

and it's not a disagreement

and what that means is

justice cannot be won

by rational argument

by moral exhortation

by personal transformation

or spiritual epiphany

Power is won by taking power away from the powerful

and dismantling their institutions."#quote

"We can no longer afford to take our personal security for granted."#quote

"That's why those in power re-write history

because in re-writing history

they re-write a person's perception of

them-self whose history they have re-written"#quote

Dr Amos Wilson

"the laws are written and enforced by our enemies"#quote

Dr Amos Wilson

"Why do we let another people

place labels on us?"#quote

Dr Amos Wilson

"a lot of us think

that we can just preach the enemy into submission

ain't gonna happen"#quote

Dr Amos Wilson

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

Action breeds confidence and courage.

If you want to conquer fear,

do not sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy."#quote

"Reality can be defined as nothing more than what really happened."#quote

if somebody real come into your life keep em... them type people dont come around to many times 💯

thinking about white washed history still being taught in schools and how Black historians and historians of color should get together and rewrite history books so the kids can stop being cheated out of a true education

You're right about that...we don't!!

What are you doing?? Even a little encouraging goes a long way...Stop being afraid to be BLACK

Man!! We need to really wisen up before we can no longer!! Truth in this post!

Time can be our nemesis depending on how we utilize it. 

Understanding where we are at in this timeline is undoubtedly important, especially knowing where we came from. 

Negative history repeats itself if we continue to allow it.  

Our ancestors did their time and the groundwork to secure a better future for us, with little to no resources.  

We have access to more than what they had, so in all reality, we should be doing more to end our suffering. If not ours, then for those that will come after us!! 

Don't be selfish. Become selfless for Black Empowerment.

This is INTRINSICALLY a true statement!! This is why Black men need to do better and stop caping for everyone else!! Lift up Black women each and every day. Defend Black women, each and every day. Treat Black women each and every day. Love Black women each and every day. White supremacy thrives on seeing the disrespect our women receive and they salivate at the mouth when BLACK MEN is the culprit behind the disrespect!

#B1 #blkem #blackwomen

No one cares about black men like black women

Nice!! Como es tu Español?

Booked my first overseas trip to Cartagena Colombia. Can't wait for July to arrive. So excited !#travel

The white race is "AFRAID of ALL people of the Black race!!!!" I used to live in a high rise building that at one time used to probably be all white and there lived a white woman that was intimidated by Black females (adult and children)!!! She was STRONGLY INTIMIDATED BY BLACK FEMALES!!!!


When people are trying to conquer others, the first thing that they go for is eliminating the male from the group! Then they can just come/SWOOP on in and take over the female as well!! The female is ALWAYS seen as the LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS!!!!

😠PULLED UP ON#blkem TO POST THE SAME THING..... Yall see this madness huh??? yall notice its the (and i hate to say it) Dark skin Males the most.! they are trying to DESTROY the BLK MALE Masculinity...THEY are soooo afriad of a Dark SKINNED Blk Man that they will snatch them up#young to cross them over to the dark demonic side ! lawwwwddd hurry and send waves.🔥🌊🙏

Replied to Bri Nicole's Post

I believe so. The admins are working on things that are not seen on Black Owned social apps and literally are for doing work in Black communities.