Steven Lemon
1 day ago

Something else that would NEVER have happened if Trump were president.

I just thunka somethin'
If Biden succeeds in having banks report all transactions over $600, that would also make it easier to track and locate illegals who are sending money back to their home countries when the GOP gains control of the government again..

Fox News just went through a litany of the captains of industry, men who changed the world over the past 25 years.
Funny thing, ain't it?

For real??? The Mexican drug cartel is firing tracer bullets across our border and Drug Czarette Kamala Harris is visiting a day care center in New Jersey???

The complete and determined absence of the border czar from the national scene, especially with three Biden administration officials heading to the border today, makes me think the only reason Kamala Harris was elected VP was to bring coffee and sandwiches.

One reason I am reluctant to get vaccinated is that the same people telling me to do it are the same people telling me there are multiple genders, humans are not human until they are born and $5,000,000,000,000 in new government programs has a zero price tag.

Y'all will never understand why er are like we are unless you learn what has happened to us.
Not playing the race card, folks. I'm talking to those 20 somethings out there who don't know and don't want to know.

So, Joe Biden said (and General Milley stated on the same day) that they had no idea the government and military of Afghanistan would collapse so fast, but State Department docs reveal that (they both lied) the White House was warned IN JUNE that this was indeed possible.
The administration (including the hapless General Milley) will point out that the collapse would be swift and brutal after the troops pulled out on Aug 31.
The problem with that EXCUSE is that the troops didn't wait to pull out on Aug 31. They left almost a month earlier, before the first civilian or Afghan ally were deport

So I watch between ten and fifteen baseball games per week and I'm always checking out the hotties in shorts and halter that fill the ballparks every day.
I got to wondering, why do I NEVER see BLACK women showing their stuff at the ballpark.

I see plenty of Latina and White women but very few Black ones.
Don't Black women like baseball?

Why would the Dems want taxpayers to pay for charging stations for their Teslas?
The taxpayers didn't pay to build the oil companies when Henry Ford produced all those cars.
What the hell?

Did my eyes deceive me or did I just see Simone Biles say she quit the Olympics because she couldn't handle the pressure?
It seems to me that she says so much is expected of her and she couldn't deal with the possibility of not measuring up.

I am continuously amazed at the way some Black people are demanding to have their children taught that their future is determined by their skin color, the deck is stacked against them from the day they are born and there's nothing they can do about it.

Classic definition of a dumb ass Negro

I just figured out (actually it was on Laura Ingraham last night) why there has not been more media hype and hysteria about the 11 armed militiamen who were picked up the other day on their way to "training".

And the media missed a great opportunity to add fuel to the PHONY JANUARY 6 INSURRECTION HYPE.

I've never seen anything like it! Democrats, pundits and media all take the position that Blacks are too stupid, immobile, uneducated and helpless to be able to get an ID card and make their way safely to the proper polling place and Blacks need help with everything from buying food to deciding what toilet to use, and a vast majority of Blacks are dashing over the cliff supporting that idea!!!
Gee. Now that I think about it, maybe the Democrats, pundits and media may just have a point.
At least as it applies to 90% of us.

I wonder if anyone has thought about what life in theese United States would be like when we ahve to spend THIRTY FUTHERMUCKING MINUTES at a charging station when our car battery runs down.

Its still quite a bit under the radar, but this critical race/Project 1619 bullshit theory is poised to explode into an all out civil war between those who have differing opinions on the issues.
One of my greatest fears is that by the time that happens I'll be too old to participate in it.

So, The first quarter 401K reports should have been delivered in April.
Everybody good?

I just saw a news reporter interviewing a captured illegal alienfrom Guatamala who says he paid a "coyote" $10,000 to help him get to the USA so he could escapr povrty in Guatamala.
But if there's so much poverty, where the hell does he get $10,000?

Somebody defuddle me please. Lemme get this straight:
1. All cops are murderers because of the actions of a handful
2. A whole country is racist because of the actions of a few citizens
3. The whole Black race is criminal because a few Blacks are thugs.
Either all three statements are true or all of them are false.
Any other possibility is either hypocritical or full of sh*t