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2 months ago
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They/Them BLM, All of them Writer

Black women are so ethereal, especially Darkskin Black women, have you SEEN their skin in sunlight?? whew

Nothing brings out a colorist faster than asking if their attraction/compliments is based on her light skin, or complimenting/being attracted to a darkskin woman#colorism #antiblackness #nonbinary

When do we talk about the anti-blackness we show to specifically Black women about their small business? Calvin Klein sweaters (i think I spelled his name right) is not better material. You are paying for the brand, otherwise it would be $10 - $20 like any other sweater. Seeing y'all complain about purchasing an item you dont have to buy on someones small business account is real funny acting. How is a $40 bonnet made by a Black women "too much" but buying a sweater that has CK intitals for $60 isnt?

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im so excited to be testing this! Any Black nbs around?