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unchained tiger


We can suffer or we can rule. Warrior for #justice #decolonize #cannabis #sovereignty. I use to sleepwalk through Life but I'm AWAKE now

"We didn't know anything was wrong" - a parent who told you to fix your face any time you exhibited an emotion that wasn't joy.


"Earth: Revolution or apocalypse?

Democrats: Hope!"





is the process of colonization

our patient efforts

to reason with our oppressors

have failed

"manifest destiny is a sickness

it's based upon this idea

that might makes right

it's based upon the idea

that I can take what I like" #quote

Kaleikoa Ka'eo

epistemic extractivism

- europeans invade non-european lands

- learn new and advanced technologies

- murder indigenous knowledge keepers and burn any written records

- plagiarize and claim white origins of all knowledge

if you follow colonizer orders

you are under colonizer control

"It's normal in our society

to attack the minds

of Black and Brown people" #quote

legitimizing violence is white people's superpower

white people have trained us

to believe in prophets and saviors

and to doubt ourselves

"stop being concerned with the "legality" of things

there are no just laws on stolen land" #quotes

white people have trained us

to play word games with them

instead of fighting them

"it's never the right time for liberation according to our oppressors

remember that" #quote

"Empires always have the hubris

to think they are indestructible,

when in fact they are always unsustainable." #quote

word salad

is a way of not answering a question

with a lot of useless words

"fake revolutionaries want people to marvel at their clever words but will never put themselves at risk" #quotes

"They've taken you apart and re-created you in their image." #quotes

if people have to suffer in order for your system to work

then your system should not exist


"the indignities of every day life

were not written in the stars

they are the result of deliberate choices

made by oppressive people" #quotes

"I'm horrified how easily most people surrender their freedom" #quote