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We can suffer or we can rule. Warrior for #justice #decolonize #cannabis #sovereignty. I use to sleepwalk through Life but I'm AWAKE now

Black rage is our natural dignity and humanity

instinctively asserting themselves

white rage is an unnatural, socially conditioned

sense of entitlement asserting itself

"Our world is being destroyed because too many of us lack the courage to do what is right" #quotes

if a specific tactic

is not producing the desired results

it's time to change tactics

we need to closely examine

our methods and tactics

and their effectiveness

"We have a couple of myths...

that I would really encourage us to get over

and one is social change happens by moral suasion

it doesn't.

It happens by force" #quote

I don't care if white people's perceptions of Black children is distorted

consequences will force them to understand

the govt wants to outlaw the truth

and force people to accept their lies

"i really need y'all to stop believing in the "goodness" of politicians"


"Black people are displaced Indigenous people."


"something i've learned from studying the zapatistas is the importance of rejecting labels others try to confine us to

there's a reason they don't subscribe to western definitions & ideologies & define their own liberation

don't limit yourself to what others think you should be"


"anarchism is not a romantic fable

but the hardheaded realization,

based on five thousand years of experience,

that we cannot entrust the management of our lives

to kings, priests, politicians, generals and county commissioners" #quote

Sacrificial lamb: a person or group that is deliberately sacrificed

to promote a cause

or for the benefit of others #definition

if colonizers believed in justice

we wouldn't be drowning in injustice

white people elected themselves superior beings

which also means

they have elected non-white people as lesser being

making their decision to prey on nonwhite people

as a way of life

easier in their minds

"We are being subjected to a death of a thousand cuts

and most of us don't even realize it" #quote

"white people will continually attack your perceptions" #quotes

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"If monuments still honor slavers and rapists, it is because the system they built is still standing." #quote

Let's take it down.