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Republicans are cheaters, plain and simple...

Texas GOPs Electoral Map Gives White People Disproportionate Control Over State

Slavery, Masters and Servants in the Bible

In today's context, when people think of master and slave, they think white man with a whip beating an African against a tree, raping a Black woman at their pleasure, and buying and selling people like livestock. Unfortunately, this was a reality during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade at the founding of America. But none of these things were done in the Bible even in the most rigorous times of bondage. No where in the Bible does it say that slaves were beaten with whips, murdered by the millions or raped, burned alive or hung from trees.

The original thieves who stole art, culture, and humans...

Stealing Africa. How Britain looted the continent’s art

Without marching, protesting or taking up arms, the Quiet Revolution disarms white America from weapons of racism and discrimination using an approach above their comprehension, political authority and legal jurisdiction.

This is scandalous...some people may have to switch providers after knowing this...

AT&T Renewed With OAN ‘Knowing Full Well Everything They’d Done’

This is interesting...The US claims to own them, but wont take responsibility for them...

The U.S. Territories that have no voting power or Congressional Representation

Guess Who the Man of Sin Is - YouTube

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.CR Hamilton speaks the truth from the Holy Bible against all unrighteousness happening in society, among leaders, rel...

Over 50% has gone unreported...this is shameful.

Deaths from police violence undercounted by U.S. government

How to Escape the Curses on this Country - YouTube

Get saved and be delivered from the judgment of this evil nation.CR Hamilton speaks the truth from the Holy Bible against all unrighteousness happening in so...

Are you willing to die rather than take the vaccine? Is it really that serious?

Doctor says some COVID patients deny virus

This is Why the United States is Cursed, with the following curses

This is Why the United States is Cursed, with the following curses - YouTube

God has given this country over to a reprobate mind. Romans 1:18-32CR Hamilton speaks the truth from the Holy Bible against all unrighteousness happening in ...

This is ignorant, bigoted and ALL WHITE school board did this...

York, Pennsylvania School Board Bans Rosa Parks Book

Book Wise: An Elementary Guide to Independent Freight Dispatching
Get trained to dispatch trucks working from home. Mentoring and support available.
For those looking to get into the business; also, for new and experienced dispatchers.


Every person of conviction of truth and justice should teach Critical Race Theory non-stop regardless of the feelings of those it offends.

For the first time in over 70 years the United States is not at war. What defenseless country will be America's next victim?

The United States Next War

First its Mexicans crossing the border, now its Blacks. Bigoted whites cannot seem to take responsibility for nothing they do.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames Covid surge on African Americans who have not been vaccinated

The prison industrial complex major backfire. HA! Political leaders have become so tyrannical that they are starting to jail their own kind.

Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrants For Democrats Still Refusing To Return

Remember this and never forget. The hypocrisy of this country's leaders is based on compromise, they will pass the infrastructure bill in exchange for opposing voting rights on a supreme court level. Its how institutional racism works.

7 Ways whites Have Brainwashed and Oppressed Blacks Without Using Religion - YouTube

The irony behind this message is that there are things Blacks believe and do everyday under the rule of white America that have nothing to do with religion.


Any Pro-Black brothers and/or sisters want to assist me in developing my Critical Race Theory Curricula on I need:
• Historical facts and documents (including links and book references) on Europe’s imperialistic colonization of Africa
• Historical facts and documents of Europe’s barbaric and warmongering conquest of any nation they encountered
• Historical facts and documents on white America’s genocidal takeover of the Americas (North and South)
• Historical facts and documents of white America’s inhumane treatment of A

The biggest looting job in our time was done by the US military when they invaded Bagdad in 2002...

Iraq says US returning 17,000 looted ancient treasures