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3 days ago

Ben Crump Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of Black Women's Organization Against Johnson & Johnson Over Lethal Baby Powder

It is so obvious Trump instigated the insurrection and his supporters and Republican politicians were involved. No matter how anyone sugarcoats it. If the Democrats allow them to get away with this, this country's leadership is weak and pathetic and do not deserve this land any longer.

This article explained in Black terms...The 5 cities talked about in this article are urban. This is a Bill Clinton move, pretending to address the concerns of Black communities while siccing police officers on them at the same time. They need to get the guns out of the suburbs and rural areas and away from white kids, supremacist, and racist.

Punish the wealthy and take away their toys...but hurt not the oil and the wine...

Wall Street ends sharply lower as Delta variant spooks investors

DID YOU KNOW: In the early colonies, such as Virginia, "the pre-existing ownership rights of the Native Americans, the current occupants, were dismissed. At various times the English stated simply that they owned the land through "right of discovery" and "right of conquest." Treaties were negotiated with different tribes in the 1600's and 1700's to extinguish Native American claims, but land was seized rather than purchased from the original inhabitants.

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Welcome back to Jim Crow. The bigoted justice system is owned by the wealthy...

US Supreme Court rules in favour of voter restrictions

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They have no God-conscious, no sense of humanity, no virtues of honesty, truth, or fairness. They are hell bent on maintaining their authoritarian rule.

This is how stupidly unorganized the United States government is right now...Damned if you do...

July 1st, States allows recreational cannabis but no one can sell it

Interesting debate between Candace Owens and Cornell West...

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This is who actually runs this country. A wealthy lobbying group that buys your politicians, set wage rates, design the private prisons and protects corrupt cops

ALECs Corporate Funders Are Complicit in State Based Assaults on Voting Rights and Democracy