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Married • Veteran • Entrepreneur • Self-taught Web Developer • Philanthropist • Activist • World Traveler • BS Honors Degree in CJ

Even though it's fantasy, Aladin had to work to get that genie out the lamp.  

He didn't just hoped and dreamed that the genie will magically appear to grant his wishes. He exerted some type of force.

Many illegal aliens didn't just hoped and dreamed that one day they would be given all access to the U.S. They got up and worked. They know where they needed to be and what they needed to do. Information were cycled through their neighborhoods and they stood up and now there's bus loads...but that's another post! 


#blkem#blackhope#blackdream#blackwork speaking facts. We're not stringent on the verification process. We haven't seen many issues of individuals who are undermining the platform and Black Empowerment. If that starts happening, then we will have to vett even closer. Everyone is on code. It's truly exciting! We promise you all that we are for assisting in building the Black Community and we're on our way to doing so. Thanks for your continued support!

😂😂💀 listen I was so nervous waiting to see if I got verified on here, it's like getting an official black card 😭🥺🥺💖. B/c I wouldn't have even been upset if I hadn't got verified, if anything I would have been more hopeful that this platform was going to do amazing things for the black community. Simply b/c not all skin folk is kin folk and people are so white washed these days especially if you're mixed and didn't have somebody to teach you to be proud of your black heritage and culture. With that being said, thank you for giving me a chance to keep spreading my truth and making change.

This pic literally asking fools “ SHOULD YOU PROTECTING YOUR FUCKIN SELVES”””
Bitches I KEEEEP telling y’all we are at#WAARRRRRRRR .!!! What part are yall stilllll freaking missing?!?
🙄If y’all#stop letting them ROCK YOU BACK TO#SLEEP with the DISTRACTIONS & FAKE HATE we’ll have the solutions ALREADY !!!
I’m 25 & this shit STOOOPID AS HELL 🙄We’re in a shift we’re they’re NORMALIZING killing blk folk & nothing happens in THE MEDIAAAAAAAAAA ... Its a PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY to RECONDITION ((our generations minds)). . Yall to dam Comfortable & get in yall feelings when someone like me spea

Every donation count!! Especially donating to a legit organization!

ST Vincent in the Caribbean, new explosions daily. Myself together with other workers will be donating a barrel, many hospitals are doing the same

PDF Conversion

I will convert your documents to PDFs or create you fillable PDFs for online use. Your customers can download or print them out.

I charge by the page and the complexity of the form. Send me your documents and I will send you a quote.
If you have any questions email me at: Thanks.

Hmmmmmmm...the news posted this we're just reposting it..nothing to see here. Just a vaccine that's becoming problematic.


The CDC & Food & Drug Administration has called for the termination of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to "six recipients in the United States developing a rare disorder involving blood clots within about two weeks of vaccination."

This is as of April 13, 2021 (today).

Anyone purchased verified the game yet?


Time to play 'Verified'. Here we go....What two artist did the first Verzuz battle on IG? Grab your game here

🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 We told you all we are bringing actual tangibles that can be utilized and build the Black Community. Sociability with Actionability!! A platform that is FOR the community. Tell your friends and family!


Black Empowerment of the day word of the day...Gamechanger. ✊🏿 Blkem x New Era Nation got one. i am excited.

America has now declared Black people have no rights that society is obligated to observe. TBA explains. LIVE... on the Black Channel...

4-10-2021: The New Dred Scott Era - YouTube

America has now declared Black people have no rights that society is obligated to observe. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp:...

There's definitely people that are willing to listen!

One day i'll be brave enough to talk about my expereience/battle with body dysmorphia.

Africa is the biggest continent on earth. You can put these countries inside of Africa and still have room left. Africa is the Heart and Soul of Earth

The Runners: Stop Avoiding Your Purpose || Immortal Mindz

The Runners: Stop Avoiding Your Purpose - YouTube

In my last video we talked about the "Jumpers"... now let's discuss the "Runners"#StepIntoYourPurposeGet "The Path" and Learn to Move through this life like ...

Im tired of all that has gone before. Im sick of the fight, Im sick of the endless need to prove my worth to those that would effortlessly deny it.

May this new beginning be the start of somethnig wonderful!

Michael Jackson - They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version) (Official Video) - YouTube

Music video by Michael Jackson performing They Don't Care About Us. (C) 1996 MJJ Productions Inc.

Crazy....A slap in the face of every Black voter.

If you would like to work at home visit this site. Call center work for major retailers. Paying from $9-17 per hr.

Ol’ Jim Crow Joe Biden! Let’s talk about it….As we know that Jim Crow laws were a collection of state and local laws created in order to have a society built upon institutionalized racial segregation and racism codified into law.

Black Men..stand up! Be there for our Black Women!

I'm a Gentleman 25 hours a day & 8 days a week

As we stated before,   
We're not here to compete with other platforms and/or those that's doing the work. We want to work with you.   
We're not here to sugarcoat raw truth when we have clearly taken up the bottom class position, comfortably. We want to push content that helps us build, together.  
We're not here to seek other interest except for the Black interest, until we can establish some sort of foundation, we can throttle from. Our economic foundation is important for us.  
Contined in comments...

#blkem #collaboration


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*NEW CARD ALERT* Time to play 'Verified'. This video of Lil Yachty getting his hair done had everyone saying, "Not the..." Think you got it? Comment below....

This is truly sad. This is one of the prime examples of how the Black Economic structure was dismantled.

The system had power to change our livelihoods and we couldn't do anything to prevent it. The family was left desolated and generational wealth was non-existent.


3-28-2021 The War on Generational Black Wealth - YouTube

We discuss how America has undermined Black wealth to stop generational prosperity. TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $TheB...

This is why, people can't keep Blkem a secret..leak it!!

Im really tryna connect with black people.. from different walks of life & support each other on this app.... thats whats Twitters Nonsense stop us from doing instead were used as an army#blacktwitter

Nice!! Como es tu Español?

Booked my first overseas trip to Cartagena Colombia. Can't wait for July to arrive. So excited !#travel