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Our skin color and class level as a group in society, are some factors to why Black people are the most ill-treated.

When you purchase a BMW or Lambo, you're doing so because of the class level of these items. When you attain a degree, you're doing so because it puts you in a different category. When you fly first class, you are doing so because you leveled up.

In order to level up Black people and be respected as a group, we have to make the necessary moves and attain ownership and economic independence. We have to hold our own.

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Immigration is a hot topic..we know mostly Mexicans/Hispanics are the one's who continuously crosses the border. This is specifically for them and will benefit them.

Day 1...and Black isn't in it!! And I mean tangibles specifically for Black people!

1-17-2021: Day One: The Biden A..

Biden is finally naming specifics of his "Day One" agenda. Are Black people mentioned? TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $T...

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In response Strong Black Voice to his Publication

Because too many of our people are stuck on stupid and too easy to forgive those who transgress against us. The worse is yet to come under the Jim Crow Joe Biden administration.

Joe Biden Immigration And The End of Black America... this is what a slow genocide looks like...

Joe Biden Immigration And The En..

With immigration issues being number one on the Biden Harris administration priority list. What does that actually mean for Black America. Today we explore t...

Because we are all about wins no matter how little. If we get across this barrier and seek significant wins, we would then start to progress the Black community.

Why are black people celebrating getting Kamala and Joe in office like we just won something. No old white supremacist or half black anti-black prosecutor is going to fix the black community. We will.

We are Black First! No question about that. We love ourselves first and want to see The Black Community pick itself up from these long drawn out tribulations.

It's ok to FOCUS on building your community first, because that is what is taking place in other communities even those that have leapfrogged ahead of us. There's no time to feel guilty. We have to develop not hate, but selfishness for progress...until

We are more connected. Our awareness have heightened. The will to see actual progress are more defined.


This is why, we shouldn't neglect it. This is a global fight within each factions. Africa, U.S., Caribbean etc...If each faction wins their fight, then the globilzation of Black Empowerment will be in full effect.

(and the chinese man for that matter)

Agreed. As a group, we cannot depend on a political party to remove us from the underclass. This is on us. Let's do what we can to have the ability to create our own access and resources.

agenda 21 and 2030
we need to buy gold and silver
learn a trade like carpentry
grow our own food
gain citizenship in africa
buy acres
go solar

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Great question! The list is long but it will be good for an open discussion.

#BlackWomenAreSingle Why are black women single more than any of the group on the planet they are the most educated and the most independent

Let us not forget the power of unity that #DrKing often spoke of. This was not the misconception of blind unity with those who continue to abuse us. This is the justified push against the oppressed.

He stated that a riot is the voice of the unheard. In this society that we struggle in, #whitesupremacy has been the loudest. But this is the generation who will silence it and it will be silenced for good. #ItsForBlackPeopleAnyway

On another note, here’s an example of how you can use your voice just as #LaborUnions and #CorettaScottKing used theirs to bring this day into fruition.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy MLK Day!

I enjoyed creating these portraits of one of our heroes in black history. It’s important to keep in mind that as black people we define our heroes and we don’t let no one else define our heroes for us.Hundred points symbol

#happymlkday #blacklivesmatter #BlackHistoryArt #mlk

the comic the chilling adventures of sabrina recently got turned into a netflix series. not only did it becomes a series, it automatically got renewed for more seasons and produced a christmas special. this show has lots of people of color in it, but is that a good thing? let's talk about the gothic representation of people of color in the tv show and if it's worth watching or not.


Thanks for watching my video,commenting your thoughts and opinions, and liking!

PSA: Quoting MLK doesn't further the work he started. That only happens through action. You can start by using your own voice. Be someone worth quoting.

I think that a Black Fundraising Opportunity is amongst us giving the season plus with word of the tax season being pushed back gives people the opportunity to campaign also with the money the government sending out its time to put our feet to the fire how bad do we really want it. # The Ocean is where water droplets go to become powerful #Together we are an Ocean.

Black Owned!!

Black Owned, check Him out, My Son-in-law 😊

What a topoic I can go on for days about what is needed in our communities. Fact is though until we stop stigmatizing mental illness we are doomed. Admitting to mental illness is a no no in the black community. Lack of social workers and psychiatrist that look like us and undertand us are few and far between. We desperately need this for our folks to gain trust and begin to work on PTSD and how we handle it. Yes we are all (black people) suffering from PTSD all over the world. Self medicating is extreme and destroyimng us further.

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How does one dictate how others should live? How does one control what happens to the Black community? How does one sell the idea of Black beneficials but their alterego is corrupt and disingenuous?

Well, when we continue to let white supremacy take the lead on what's beneficial and what's not, then they will continue to take the lead on what needs to be done. It's not a conspiracy when the cause and effect is blatantly perpetuated.

It is a conspiracy when our people are not seeing it, when in fact they are.


If we don't, then other cultures will, which might be ok for some, but that kid would wander far away from his or her history because other cultures cannot teach Black history the way it should be taught!

There are 23% of black and African American kids that are in foster care or up for adoption. I believe if we all can do our part by adopt or fostering these kids.