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Married • Veteran • Entrepreneur • Self-taught Web Developer • Philanthropist • Activist • World Traveler • BS Honors Degree in CJ

We hope that you all love our new means that we are progressing forward!

We are working more and talking less, hence the lack of posts and activity. We want to make promises that we CAN keep so, less talk more work.

We have a few things in the works..

1. Revamping the Blkem mobile application!
2. Revamping and Stabilizing the Website platform!
3. Collaborating with Black orgnizations to bring tangibles to the Black community!
4. Working on pushing out another S3B Challenge soon and other necessary activities that focus on the Black community.

#blkem #B1 #gravityroots #B

Anyone in the DC, MD and VA area..please if you see or hear anything, let us know.

A New Era DMV member is missing. These people are in the communities working to provide resources and to make it safe.

They're doing the work that many fail to do!

Let's support them!

#NewEra #blkem #blkemxnewera

The Game Is To Be Sold - YouTube

Our guest panel talks about complications surrounding the NCAA and the possibility of revenue sharing.

Dave Chappelle Targeted By Phony Outrage Mob -Again!

Dave Chappelle Targeted By Phony Outrage Mob -Again! - YouTube

Dave Chappelle has proven the white media can't pay him enough to shut him up. So instead they're trying to shut him down with lies, slander and smears. A bl...

I suggest that the great#art belongs to all people, all the time--that indeed it is made for the people, by the people, to the people.-#MayaAngelou


Wondering if you got a chance to grab my book. if not link in bio✨🙏🏾💕

This is what becoming non-dependent means..utilizing our own resources!

Tonight! we talking live about home ownership and community wealth building...

Before we turn in, we're asking that you share your favorite Black/African-American/Indigenous owned business with us. We'll be doing a weekly business spotlight to keep the dollars circulating throughout our communities and we need ALL hands on deck. Sleep peacefully, be kind to each other, good night, and all that other happy stuff.😀

Don’t be surprised if you catch your parents in the thrift shop this week, cause@Verzuz is taking us way back.

@officialbigdaddykane@teacha_krsone#BrooklynVsTheBronx #JuiceCrew VZ#BD . This is BIG

This is a tough one for us to call, but tell us who you got in the comments.


This is what Blkem needs..sharing the love..letting your friends and family know, we are for the community!!

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i'm once again promoting it on my personal fb page.... i keep telling peopole about this site on every video on youtube and post on ko-fi/my website/facebook about it too.

That's right..all these plantation platforms are experiencing some issues. Instead of fighting through it, come hand out on Blkem for a bit.

First Facebook and WhatsApp, then Instagram, and now Twitter might be on the verge of a breakdown.#PandoraPapers

Welcome@kendrelamar ..we are working on some improvements so please be on the lookout. Also, bring more like-minded individuals to Blkem..we are going up from here. We're all we got. B1

I’m so glad I found this site, what’s up my brothers and sisters?

Blkem's New Logo - Strength and Unity

The Change: We wanted to display something unique within the Black community. Something that uniquely identifies us and the unification behind it. When people see Blkem's logo, they will know that it's a representation of us coming together to build our community's foundation.

This solidifies the bond and the strength that comes behind what the Blkem community is trying to accomplish.

The logo also represents a "b" for Blkem.

Moving Forawrd: New logo means new updates coming soon and a more efficient application.


Welcome back!!!

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It have been a rough few weeks, maybe a month with optimizing the platform as we were experiencing increased growth which slowed down the site immensely.

We are also working to improve the mobile application as there were some major issues.

It's not an easy road when there's little support, usage and resources to push these platforms out there but we are committed and would hope that our users are committed as well.

This journey is not a short one but with the necessary support, we will get there faster.

Thank you!


Greetings BLKEM Users,

We thank you for the continued usage of this platform. We understand that people may not see the need in having our own as they’re comfortable with using others.

We will be implementing updated features on the app soon as we are constantly working in the background to make this app much better.

Any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re moving full speed ahead.


Seen this...this is what is required of us to create our own resources. Let's start telling our own story

Truer words have never been spoken

I understand some of the outrage about the Texas law being passed but at the same time this an opportunity to start teaching and learning our own History without the oppression. We have stop allow them to tell us about us why would we give them that power. Facts are Facts but what people believe is what they move on. Teach your children self esteem before you poison them with their history.

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These days, the videos reveal many things that we have to correct in order to move forward as a unit. 

We’re sure many of you have heard the plea when a Karen and/or ken, come out their shells to target our very existence. 

The distinct feeling you get when you hear one of us calling perceived authority figures sir/ma’am when we are being disrespected. It erks the very fiber from our bones hearing the respectful gesture in return for blatant attacks. 

Continued in comments...

#blkem #blackfirst #karen #kens #Respect

White and Asian companies have a lock on the black hair market yet the don't use ANY of the products. This is as ridiculous as dark skinned black people having a lock on suntan lotion distribution. By buying black we can put every non black owner of black hair products out of business. I would gladly pay a monthly fee to support access to black owned products to out community. Put the oppressors out of business.#blackhair #buyblack #blackbusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #blackentrepreneurs #supportsmallbusiness #BlackExcellence #blackbusinessowner #blackfashion

Good evening all, I'm sitting home on this Saturday night relaxing, While trying to utilize this site to the fullest, Any suggestions please let me know, I'm into Older 70's & 80's Cruise cars.

There is a difference between asking and Demanding with Demands comes a sense of Expectation for a result. When you ask you can be disappointed when you Demand ACTION is always Required either from them or from YOU.

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Haitian president assainated today!