Ernest Sandefer
20 days ago

Before I forget, I wrote a poem the other day. Let me know what you think.

What's so refreshing about this blackform (black owned platform) is that there's not a bunch (or any) melanated rich people constantly inboxing me trying to get me to buy into their peramid scheme. Just people vibing, educating and being them. No one trying to scam other black folks under the guise of "networking" and "black economics."

Hopefully y'all doing well out here. Stay strong, protect your peace.

DMX empowered the shy punk kid that I was to have love and respect for myself and to not take shit. One of the lessons I'm still learning from him is how to be vulnerable.#DMXForever

"Focus on yourself" is one of the best bit of advice that I live by. You accomplish so much while creating peace for yourself that wouldn't be there if you kept allowing undeserving people get your time, energy and happiness.

I know it's been a while. Grind mode as always, but I aint forget about my favorite ALL BLACK platform!

Working on some eco-friendly It's/clothing in general. Please be patient if that's what you want, if not, check out what I have right now.

New drop this FRIDAY!

"Some people might consider scribing an outdated and tedious act, but if your mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be and all of your thoughts are on your phone, once that phone goes, so does your mind."

I just published a new blog post "Phone Fast."

Good morning!

Going to be reconstructing my site today and are looking for creative writers/artist who want some free exposure, message me and spread the word. More on that later on.

What's up?

Such a beautiful platform and can't wait to connect with y'all. I'll be posting my projects soon.