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Verified Game


The Ultimate Trivia & Dare PARTY card game based around social media. Game nights just got LIT🔥 #verifiedthegame

We love the Blkem platform. Now let's get into some social media topics. How y'all feeling about Sabrina Peterson filing a lawsuit against Tiny, TI and Shekinah in regards to the whole backlash with the sexual allegations?

Did you know there are only 3 black owned games which sit on big box retailer shelves? In order to see more games created by black people sitting on shelves at Target, Walmart and more we need people like YOU! Check out this article written for Blavity.#cardgames#boardgames#games#blackowned#gamenights#party

We want to thank all those platforms who have featured 'Verified' on them. We hope more people invest in black, especially in the gaming industry. >>> #blackowned#buyblack#shopblack#cardgames#gaming#gamenight