True Father
3 months ago

Big up to Tariq Nasheed for Buckbreaking being no. 1 documentary on Amazon 2 months going

Lol. They didn't like me saying the real Wonder Woman is the Black women. This is why more of us need to set up an account on Blkem

Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands. — Nigerian proverb

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Black people need to start being on code with their own and stop caping for white supremacy. The signs of their agenda are plastered in our faces, all over the media, the way they present headlines and imagery, and still, it's difficult for some to decipher.

There's no reward at the end, for bootlicking massa's pinky ring. We are NOT on even playing fields with the oppressors and if you continue to play their game, you are part of the problem.

Wake up!

Good to see the sistas applauding the brothers at the end of this. Sometimes it feels like the only Black man that is respected is a Black man that likes men or wears a dress