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Now that Biden is in, will he provide solutions specifically for Black people?



Day 1...and Black isn't in it!! And I mean tangibles specifically for Black people!

1-17-2021: Day One: The Biden A..

Biden is finally naming specifics of his "Day One" agenda. Are Black people mentioned? TBA explains.To support tonight's program by going to our CashApp: $T...


We are Black First! No question about that. We love ourselves first and want to see The Black Community pick itself up from these long drawn out tribulations.

It's ok to FOCUS on building your community first, because that is what is taking place in other communities even those that have leapfrogged ahead of us. There's no time to feel guilty. We have to develop not hate, but selfishness for progress...until

We are more connected. Our awareness have heightened. The will to see actual progress are more defined.


Jan 23rd!!

6 years ago while homeless and suffering from an eviction, bad credit and a year long wait for a shelter opening. I had NO CLUE how avoidable all of those circumstances were for me. I did as I was told. I was working hard, doing things the way I was "suppose to". Trusting the process and keeping my faith.
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And Black people still think we gonna be good under Biden!

Joe Biden Immigration And The End of Black America... this is what a slow genocide looks like...

Joe Biden Immigration And The En..

With immigration issues being number one on the Biden Harris administration priority list. What does that actually mean for Black America. Today we explore t...


Africa News (3/3)
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#eu tells #ivorycoast to brace for stricter cocoa laws

#Nigeria to build 38 oxygen plants centres as treatment for #COVID patients; gets ready for vaccinations; 1000 women have been employed ; to strengthen ties with #benin

#mozambique to prepare for second tropical storm; conflict worsens and is about to displace more than 500.000 thousand people; army and government are making efforts to establish stability and peace

#southafrica to pay double for vaccine compared to Europe

#zambia villagers seek jus

Africa News (2/3)
-4 slides-
#centralafricanrepublic declares state of emergency; people fleeing their homes because of violence

#sudan violent ethnic clashes in Darfur

#egypt archeologists made new discoveries

#africaunite #africanews #africannews

Blkem received a new face lift today with additional features:

1. Updated icons
2. Poll publishing
3. Short clips (dashes)
4. Account privacy (Who can follow)
5. Following request
6. Dark theme
7. Image and video improvements
8. Visual notifications muting

We continue to work to make this platform a safe home for us! ✊🏾

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In unity there is strength. Together, we can achieve ANYTHING.
L'union fait la force. C'est en cela que je crois! Ensemble, on peut tout accomplir.
#unity #union #power #strength #blackpower #lunionfaitlaforce #ensemble

**7 slides**

We told you all, we are walking the walk. It may take time but time can be stagnant if we don't make the initial moves.

A sneak peak of the mobile app in development. We're hoping to launch it this month if there are no issues. These are some of the mobile screens. Adjustments still need to be made but hope you like where we're going with it.

Many of you have been waiting for the app so we intend to deliver after testing.

Groups may not come in this version of the app but you can see where we are headed.


Getting better and better!

**4 sides**

We have been conducting ongoing updates on the platform. Some elements may work intermittently. Some of our users have requested a few features in which we will be working on. Some features are easier to implement than others so please bear with us.

The mobile app and stablization of this platform are priorities. Some features may be feasible in between priorities.

A sneak peak of a few additions coming soon, if no issues arise.

Oh and no "Live" functionality yet but you can create short video clips with "blkem dash".

He starts trouble. Foments an insurrection. Opens the doors to let them in. He later tells them to go home as though nothing happened. Then informs us he will be in another country and won't be at inauguration? Nah. If I were a government official hearing that, I would not be there either. Just saying. Don't trust it or him. He might do something with the help of his cronies. I'd have bomb-sniffing dogs, detectors, all kinds of mess checking for something amiss. I'd sit home and watch it. If nothing happens, wonderful. If something happens, I'm safe.

We are hamsters on a wheel, believing that government is needed for our survival, and even worse, imagining this is a system that can be fixed. The United States and most of the "Western" world is the real virus and what is and has been killing us for centuries. This Republic is a carry over from centuries gone under a different name. We need to imagine something different. Then, act on it.

**7 slides**

This is grounds for a rebuttal because it's a topic that must be addressed in the Black community. Moving forward begins with healing but also reconditioning of our subconscious.

Your racial identity is used as a weapon for (not against) white supremacy, so one way to suppress it, is to limit it as a defining factor for one's preference.

To PREFER a lighter skin individual that has the SAME phenotype as another with a darker skin, shows the colorist mentality, as the ONLY defining difference IS their skin tone.

T.I. is working hard for Biden w the BLK CELEB COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY COSIGN in the Georgia runoff!!! Now they're not even bothering w #NoBLKAgendaNoVote they're usingthat measly $2k stimulus bandaid as bait & demanding WE THROW OURSELVES DEEPER INTO POLITICAL INSOLVENCY! ✊🏽🏴#NAPP

Hopefully I will be adding more videos on here to give more tips on optimizing computers, speeding up your internet connection, and recommendations of computer hardware. #blackowned


Word!! We have to start somewhere, no matter how small!

You dont have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great.

Just Get To Know A Woman | The PRACTITIONER Speaks #DomGame by C Boogie

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Just Get To Know A Woman

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These people are seriously delusional...


CNN speaks to Trump supporters a..

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan talks to Trump supporters about misinformation on the eve of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia. - Politics - 3238‧ 5b71771640298


Any ideas???

Now that we have our own social media platform, how can we use it to benefit our community?

Thank you..Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Thank you for joining the Black Empowerment Network.

As we move further, the fight for Black Empowerment is ever so important. We have a lot of elements rooting against us. It will take ALL of us, to change the narrative by doing for self so that we can change our disproportionate conditions.

#blkem2021 #happynewyear

**Six slides**

While voting in the elections was a hot topic, we did mention from our previous post that voting without demands means, we're just voting.

Now, we are here, at the table, putting our hands out, trying to capitalize on those demands that was non-existent before Biden being elected.

What did we think was going to happen? Tides would be turning? Our demands after the fact, would be met? Biden would open his cold arms, and welcome our issues?

This is going to be a long 4 years.

**8 slides**

Black people are powerful, even after years of trauma from people who hate us just because of our skin.

Yet, we thrive and continue to push on that barrier of white supremacy. One thing we have to realize, is that we have been pushing on a barrier that was created decades, centuries ago.

That barrier have been redefined and it's integrated into the very systems that we utilize. So, we have to change our tactics, we have to change the way we push back, while still incorporating some of our old methods. Adapt and overcome.