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Professional Singer. Reality TV. Singer on TLC. Also sings in Italy, London and Hard Rock Café.

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All my fav colors. My sisters & my brothers

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White Superiority is a social construct as it's what many of us (the ones who are comfortable, bootlickers, coons etc..) agree with. It's lasted this long because we are consistently dependent on this system. 


It continues to ride this wave because we continue to allow it, hence the reason why whiteness has a monetary value and blackness don't. That's why they control the majority of wealth and we're still trying to establish a position in this wealth competition.  

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#blkem #blackness

A Billion Dollar Industry!

These are some of the reasons why Black Owned beauty stores are not in the limelight. This is sick! Another reason is the lack of support from our people.

This is why, supporting Black Owned businesses is inherently important!!! We're not just saying this. It's needed!


Going against everything that's anti-black, even your own. That's what being pro-black represents. In this case, Chenge was our own but he showed his face as being an ignorant spokesperson for white supremacy.

So now, he falls into that category of the lost cause. He falls into the category of politicians focusing on their own agenda and not ones that can assist in elevating the Black community.

Make no mistake that these antics are organized. They're organized to bring a rise out of us. Best believe they didn't get a rise though, because we were expecting it.

#B1 #blkem


Thanks for accepting my request. I have launched a movement that will radically change the wealth of Black Americans: The goal is to galvanize 1,000,000 Americans to donate 10 lbs of recyclables between now and Juneteenth 2021 (June 19), generating $6 million dollars, that will be redistributed directly and specifically to Black Americans.

Nomore speeches. No more marches. No more asking the government for what is owed. If you want to take part in an intentional action that will begin real change, I invite you to join me on Zoom every Wednesday in Febru

Hopefully we can transcend all of the brainwashing like self-hate and colorism. Our beautiful cosmic eumelanin comes in various shades, and should be appreciated and loved. Our melanin-DNA makes us different than everyone else on the planet, and that fact should be celebrated.

When we continue to see heart breaking stories like this and our community continues to sit back becuase the work is hard or it does not affect them directly, then these things will prolong.

These medical staff are not empathetic towards Black individuals and that stems from their bias, racist and unethical backgrounds. They are being taught by people who do not look like us but speaking for us. By people who's heritage stems from the their racial history.

Sooo..we know the problem. We see the problem. We feel the problem.

How can we then solve this problem?

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