Renee Austin
3 months ago

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Black owned business.
Hey community have you heard about this black owned business Herb N Eden. They make the best smelling soap. The patchutolli And Lemon grass smells so good; it's my favorite. Pick up a few bars at
They are made with all natural products.

Decided to sit my tree topper beneath my tree since I went with a small tree in the bedroom this year.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving community.

Found out about this black own company on todays news. Check them out.

Look what's 2.99 on kindle. Get your copy for the holidays. Sit back, relax and enjoy a good read.#romanticdrama

People need to repect others right to vote for whom they want. Blacks need to understand just because their parents and grandparents voted Dem doesn't mean they have to. Regardless who is in office we still have to work, pay taxes, obey the law. The government will do the bare minimum for it's citizens. You have to do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family.#citizenagainstgovernment

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I pray that black men know that they where created in His image. I pray they walk and talk with authority; have confidence in who they are; know that they have the power to change things around, not with protest, but with the power, and intelligence that He has given them. Our black Kings have the power, they just need to realize it. We black Queens need them to realize who they are. We need them to be confident that they are more then just their Dicks. We need them to love us unconditionally and we will stand with them, help them change things around for the better of our community.

Racism is much deeper than skin tone. Blacks need to stop thinking this and learn who they are. They are jealous of your skin tone; hate you because of who you are. Blacks are from Adam and Eve, not the Serpant and Eve. ....ponder this.....Eve had sex with Adam and bored Able. Eve had sex with the Serpant and bored Cain. We all know what happened to Able. Incase you didn't know, serpants which are large snakes didn't always slitter on the ground. They walked upright on legs like Adam and Eve. Remember there was no sin on earth until the Serpant tricked Eve into having sex with him.

My fur babies. Ollie and Ace. Ace sleeps with his tongue out and likes to sleep on his back.

This is awesome. Came across this on linkedin.

Well that was no debate, just two people going at each other. Chris Wallace asked Trump to telll White Supremacy to stand down. Trump tells them to stand back and stand ready. .....what the heck.