Sunny Dee
2 hours ago

i just someone to wash my back in the shower for me🤧😭...... its an evil world we live in

like why even try to insult my 333💫

mind body & SPIRIT

mr mans mustve didnt know im a creole voodoo pimptress 💅🏽🤨🔥.. dont make it on my dark side pls ...

They consider us getting the vaccine as "RACIAL JUSTICE". Their goal was to get us to take the vaccine first, before they issue to other races. That sounds like a "TRIAL".

Please click the link and watch this 11 min video of a "White" doctor's finding from the COVID-19 vaccine. The link does not work for you to play on Blkem. Not sure why. All my other links have shown previously!

Our Blkem users,

We provided this platform so that we can socialize without all the racial trauma as well as walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Continue to get the word out there about Blkem and what we stand for. The more users uttilize the platform the more we can expand and conduct more work online and on the ground.

We are collaborating with a few organizations and platforms to bring physical and digital tangibles for our community. Things are happening behind the scenes.

We are all we got!


any tips in starting an online business😭????
help ya sis out nahh , dont be like dat

A Billion Dollar Industry!

These are some of the reasons why Black Owned beauty stores are not in the limelight. This is sick! Another reason is the lack of support from our people.

This is why, supporting Black Owned businesses is inherently important!!! We're not just saying this. It's needed!


one reason im going to Dar es Salaam tanziania 🙏🏽💫🌍...

if you dont know Mr Ghana Baby (Wode Maya), You should definetly check out his youtube channel. he is showing us the africa that we never saw, and shares inspirational success stories of africans born in africa, and africans returning to africa . his older videos about being an african in china are also interesting.#africatotheworld
soooo oakland gave Thousands of ppl of WRONG VACCINES 🤬🤬🗣🗣🗣WAKE TF UP !!! read this article , The managers tried to sweep it under the rug to keep the covid numberS HIGH

#tapInFamily DNA🧬Results ,Life in Denver❄️,Business Logo💌, Music🎶, Africia🌍🇹🇿💫....

#tapInFamily ( DNA 🧬Results ,Life in Denver❄️,Business Logo💌, Music🎶, Africia🌍🇹🇿💫....

i meeaaannn , can we get a#FollowTrain /#SoulTrain going .😎🌍💫
don't come on here w/ that stank twitter actin ways ..🗣 wea my (#BlkFamilyUniveristy)🔥💃🏾

this site being a thing is wonderful and hilarious to me. the creator really woke up one day and said enough 🗣

just finished recording another video💫🥲.... if yall havent done so already be sure to subcribe to my youtube channel for your pro black spiritual needs & counsel 🌞#Asé

i just got this download & my right eye just jumped🌞

sooo does any one wanna#BackPackAfrica w/ me this Fall? 🌍💫this is not a drill 🤓

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LOL..whoever comes up with something creative..we may go with it!

sooooo whats the lingo on here🤔?! i mean its not twitter so techinally im not tweeting .,so am i BLk'n ?

lmaoooo mannn on gawwdd🤧🤣💅🏽thought i was getting got.,

the deadass just went "oh your black? prove it then" 😂

Whether you support reparations or not, these statements are asinine and it's a ploy to gander votes from other communities or go viral.

People supported the Jews getting their reparations for what Hitler did. Even the Jews in the United States.

No matter if you weren't a slave, the physical and psychological effects generations down the line are still present.

Cause and Effect!! We are living in the latter that were caused by SLAVERY!


i dont understand how the Rest of the world Not understand this 🤨🔥🧐...

literally everything is going to be led by robots and artificial intelligence...i dont know how i feel about that🤔