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4 months ago
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Tracey Hood


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Accountant and Realtor.

What a topoic I can go on for days about what is needed in our communities. Fact is though until we stop stigmatizing mental illness we are doomed. Admitting to mental illness is a no no in the black community. Lack of social workers and psychiatrist that look like us and undertand us are few and far between. We desperately need this for our folks to gain trust and begin to work on PTSD and how we handle it. Yes we are all (black people) suffering from PTSD all over the world. Self medicating is extreme and destroyimng us further.

Whos watching the nonsense going on in DC? Unreal. Post up my people arm yourselves and prepare for a civil war. My brothers protect us, it is time to unite.

Hi all, the EEOC is one of the most underfunded agencies in America. We need to make this known to our new administrative government staff. These southern states and their right to work rules are hurting us and EEOC at this time is not able to protect us.

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