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3 months ago
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•Dallas Dezigner •Fashion is my PASSION🪡 1 Part Angel😇 2 Part Hottie from DDD,Tx. Insta: @mzz.dezigner_111 Pronounced- MOR-YA 💋💓

One Of Dem Nights X MoneyBagg Yo

I can’t take less than what I’ve leveled myself up for & embracing my unimpressed attitude.. lol

That 1 part Angel have me shy but that 2 part hottie got me wanting to lick myself 😩🤗

I want to feel sexy every mf day! I love it🍒

Your individuality makes room for your gift(s).
Your gifts will make room for themselves.
It will open doors that no man can close!!

I’m literally NOT the one to play with...

My mind has just been on “I won’t accept this” “Just take that step! that’s all I need you to do” “I know you want to be compfortable but we have a purpose...”

Be prepared for what God has in store for you when you ask him to move for you!

Me: Lord I’m struggling with this & I’m tired of going through it.

God: Don’t worry, I have the solution you need in place waiting on you🔥

This friday i chose to sew to gospel music & im literally flying through my production!!!

As you mature in Christ, you grow to appreciate correction and conviction more because you know it's meant for your good! Good Morning Everyone🗣

I know what I want & I will continue to act towards what I want.

Black Men..stand up! Be there for our Black Women!

when your trying to become recognized it feels impossible but when you are being original it becomes eassyyyy but still gotta tread lightly

UMI... is the vibes ive been looking for! 💓💓💓

@administrator what is the average time zone people are in when logged in?

God speaks to me while im at work & my spirit feels alert!

what will a signiture for the dashboard do?

Cant get a black nail tech on the whim so im here in this nail shop with no wifi lol no music... the ghetto!

its been so long since ive gotten my nails done!
Recep: manicure or pedi?
Me: Umm 🥴 my hands..hands

👏🏽👏🏽💡 im apart of a bookclub that is centered ariund black authors telling our story! they are gojng to love this!!

If you're looking for books centered around the Black community, look no further. Before you go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other store that's not Black Owned, take the time to utilize ones like these that's for the community.

AALBC is the largest, oldest, and most frequently visited online bookstore dedicated to books by or about Black people.

It's a must that we should do what we can to redirect wealth and that's how we establish significant resources within.

#blackownership #blkem #blackowned #buyblack

i really be at work plotting & planning for my business 🥴

Im really tryna connect with black people.. from different walks of life & support each other on this app.... thats whats Twitters Nonsense stop us from doing instead were used as an army#blacktwitter

i need to find more people to follow