Tomedian Whitmore
7 days ago
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Tomedian Whitmore


Opportunity Engineering Specialist/Resource Management Strategist

If you can get to the table PLAY TO WIN you never know who else Opportunity is attached to your success.

Rather dig my blessing out the dirt then begging for them out another man's lap.

Move how you would move if the whole Race was depending on you because when we dont they (even the people who look like you but are not like you) gone make sure it count against us all.

We as Blacks are seperatist we divide over sex, skin tone, age, food perference, political party, anti or pro Kanye, Tupac/Biggie, Vax/No Vax, Pro Gun and alot other unproductive issues. They say the Nazi was the greatest war machine ever but they was defeated when begin to fight the war on two fronts.#food for thought pick your battles wisely

They will let you on the INSIDE once you become too much of a problem on the OUTSIDE but the problem is once we get on the INSIDE we forget why we became a problem on the OUTSIDE to start with.

You cant just look for people who look like you. Look for ENERGIES that match your ENERGY. #Looks can be deceiving.

We will plant a garden by the river and wait for it to rain. #black Accountability.

As Blacks i think its important to know our stats and if we dont trust the info thats out we should keep track ourselves. We have to have an black agenda that way we can track our progress and have a mission we all working towards.

I understand some of the outrage about the Texas law being passed but at the same time this an opportunity to start teaching and learning our own History without the oppression. We have stop allow them to tell us about us why would we give them that power. Facts are Facts but what people believe is what they move on. Teach your children self esteem before you poison them with their history.

I think blacks should unapologeticly start back speaking Ebonics time to have our own. Communication is Communication only person who needs to understand is the person you talking to. There is power in people not understanding you their brain will always default to fear when you operate in confidence.

If you dont like your REALITY why would you live in it? What story are you telling yourself ?

Best way to live forever is to leave a little piece of yourself in the people and things that will be here after you are gone.

There is a difference between asking and Demanding with Demands comes a sense of Expectation for a result. When you ask you can be disappointed when you Demand ACTION is always Required either from them or from YOU.

When you are willing to try to consume Everything you will no longer have a taste for Anything.

If we as a people gave our Support as Abundantly as we give our Opinion all these other social media sites would tank.# I never seen a treasure box go hunting for treasure.

How is it an insult to call a White Person a Colonizer my Question is When will we become one for our culture.

Sometimes you got to Go Get IT for those who didnt even know they NEEDED IT.

We are BLACK AMBASSADORS whether we like it or not our ACTION speak for our People so We always have to be Regal in our Dealings with Outsiders.

What we are Becoming should always be Greater than what we were.# The Ancestors did not allow us to stand on their shoulders just for us to close our eyes to the view of the things they would have died to see.

How long are we Willing to wait in the Forest for someone to bring us some Lumber ? # Lets use what we have to be what they cant like we always have!

The knowledge and Wisdom that you really Need the Government wouldnt be able to provide to you even if they were willing because they dont even know it.#trust Yourself

Get a dollar and covert it to something solid of Value quick as you can you will always be able to sell or trade it later but if the dollar loses its value you do not want to get stuck holding a piece of paper.

Ownership is how America spells Freedom. Get you hands on something you can Control and Protect.

One of the most Powerful things you can do each day is make a Decision. # Those who lack the Power to Decide will have their choice made for them.

Every dollar you spend is a transfer of Wealth so you cant be jealous of your oppressor's house when you helped them Build it.

The Shepherd will lose his flock when start walking amongst the sheep. #Once the Uncommon (Blacks) become Common (accepted) the world take its last turn.# Heavy is the head that bears the Crown.

The main ingredient to any successful movement is LIKEMINDEDNESS (Common Purpose, Goal and Destination.)