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Opportunity Engineering Specialist/Resource Management Strategist

How long are we Willing to wait in the Forest for someone to bring us some Lumber ? # Lets use what we have to be what they cant like we always have!

The knowledge and Wisdom that you really Need the Government wouldnt be able to provide to you even if they were willing because they dont even know it.#trust Yourself

Get a dollar and covert it to something solid of Value quick as you can you will always be able to sell or trade it later but if the dollar loses its value you do not want to get stuck holding a piece of paper.

Ownership is how America spells Freedom. Get you hands on something you can Control and Protect.

One of the most Powerful things you can do each day is make a Decision. # Those who lack the Power to Decide will have their choice made for them.

Every dollar you spend is a transfer of Wealth so you cant be jealous of your oppressor's house when you helped them Build it.

The Shepherd will lose his flock when start walking amongst the sheep. #Once the Uncommon (Blacks) become Common (accepted) the world take its last turn.# Heavy is the head that bears the Crown.

The main ingredient to any successful movement is LIKEMINDEDNESS (Common Purpose, Goal and Destination.)

If you dont have a Robin Hood mentality you are only Robbing your Hood. # Hunters and Gatherers operate outside the village with Intention of Enriching the village upon their Return. (Big on the Return you must Return back to the village.)

We have to switch the conversation from Knowing Black History to Knowing Black Future!!!

Everything that was taking from us what stop us from getting it back. Lets establish our own language, religion and culture. We can create it here on Blkem. We are the Architects of our own future.#Complaining is a loud method of Maintaining

Dont get so caught up on finding the right Candles that you forget to make the Cake.

A Lion isnt the King of the Jungle because how much meat it has stacked up. A Lion is King of the Jungle because what it is willing to do to get the meat. # Get the check but eat from your Respect.

Hezakya News & Films on you tube has alot of good history on his youtube page. Gives you insight on the thought pattern on the people we dealing with. #Information with Action is the winners edge

The key is be more Effective than Affective. # Words have power

(first mind) has to see it to believe it. (YOUR GOD MIND) knows you have to believe it to see it. # If you are waiting on the future you already too late. # A Black Tomorrow

Sometimes the key is SEGREGATION with a RE-EDUCATION. # you wont live in the world once you discover the world that lives in you.

URGENT!!!!!! We have to create an UPROAR to make sure we get a HEALTHY slice of this GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE BILL MONEY this is the new future they building lets not let them write us out of it. Dont let them use the smoke screen with the POLICE REFORM.

# WE WANT BOTH!!!#a Black Tomorrow

Dr. Umar Johnson interview on the breakfast club is worthy investment of time. #Nobody gives a diamond away just because it came out the dirt# see past your opinion and get the message.

You only as strong as the people you call on when you are weak. # Village mindset

We should not fight to be Accepted but make sure our Presence and Effort are Acknowledge. # Plants dont Accept the SUN they Praise it.

If being a superior Race is too offensive lets put together a Superior Culture. A Culture of celebrated and practiced excellence of ever task under the Sun for the positioning and promotion of our people # You are what you repeatedly Do

Control is the New Wealth! # Ownership, Power and Control.

Mindsets are Hereditary start your children off right by guarding your thoughts.#Some of Life's greatest structures were built with wise words.

There is a difference between being HUMBLE and being TIMID.

You have to be willing to go OVER the top to make it to the TOP.

I think that a Black Fundraising Opportunity is amongst us giving the season plus with word of the tax season being pushed back gives people the opportunity to campaign also with the money the government sending out its time to put our feet to the fire how bad do we really want it. # The Ocean is where water droplets go to become powerful#Together we are an Ocean.

Its our Child (GOD) like spirits that is the real gift please dont trade it for acceptance!

Today should put a lid on the Black Protest Comparison I wonder how they gone narrate this?