Joseph Pinero
5 months ago

Between the#black and#Latinx community there is appr 3 Trillion dollars in revenue up for grabs

Our white counterparts only contribute 10 Trillion.



you add me...

i add you...

we repost...

we comment..

we Unify!!!

how we do this again!!!!

The design is amazing!!

potential Extraordinary!!

Now it is on us to turn this Motherfucka out!

Be informative but don't bring that constant negative perception of POC over here!!

You want to rewire the mind to enlightenment.

#GoToTheGreen Melanated People Social


uplift and stop watching your people die.

how we doing royalty!!!

we building and shining on the Black Twitter Grind!!!

i need these follows up!!

Follow. Engage. Repeat. Everyone have somthing to offer!#adminpost

Sometimes I ask "Why" and "How"

then I remind myself

"I Allowed"

Can't pity yourself, just reassess and overcome.

we getting some people to get on here.


sometimes I see the Villain in me.

i just don't know if he visits only to protect me though.


If we can't#Read together

we can't be together!

#Knowledge is power

"Ignorance is Evil" - African Proverb

I am#Following anybody I scroll on here!

Kings, Queens

A village must be created


#blkem and#MelanatedPeopleSocial are giving a safe space to feel great without being apologetic if you "offend" with the truth!



Replied to Calvin Harris's Post

People love gossip, we are attracted to it. But when it comes to unifying, it is difficult. People will quicker sign up on a platform that provides social entertainment than one that calls for unity and building the community. Black Empowerment.