Ben Kinging
18 hours ago

The revolution will not be broadcasted!✊🏽

These past few days in Senegal 🇸🇳 , « The country of Teranga (hospitality) »
- Young people killed by the police and/or military during protests
- Independant TV channels are prevented from broadcasting information
- Access to WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platform has been limited
- Political opponents are getting arrested

All that because the president loves power more than he loves the country and the people living in it

Is it time to cancel rap/hip-hop? The glorification of negative influencers have sent our people to the lowest point ever. What can we do to put more light on the positive individuals within our culture?

2857 Main Street
East Point, Ga 30344
See ya there! ✊🏽🖤💚❤️

We're back at it again...this Saturday at freedom park in Atlanta, Ga. Come out and represent the culture from 12pm-2pm
•Run/walk/jog the race
•Support black businesses
•Congregate with like minds

Has anyone been keeping up with the stock market lately? What are your thoughts???

Black owned essentials products! We have to become self sufficient to be taken serious! We cannot depend on our oppressor and expect freedom. If you're looking for black owned products in the metro Atlanta area, hit me up!✊🏽🖤