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Greetings all,

Really do hope everyone is doing well. Engagement have definitely slowed down on the platform, which is understandable but temporary due to our ever progressing developments.

Those who have downloaded the mobile app and also provided feedback, we thank you as it is a great help to ongoing developments.

We are literally working behind the scenes to push out new developments and make the app more convenient for you all.

We are also working with New Era Nation to bring some needed elements, digitally.

Stay tuned!

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Now that the word "Queen" has been co-opted and popularized amongst all...Has the word lost its value in the Black community?  

Do Black people actually value it when they say it?  

Has it been overused? 

Let us know your thoughts below! 

Gravity Roots Progress!   

The Black-Owned businesses in our communities as of right now are far too unessential. I can 100% guarantee we don't need another streetwear brand, or another durag brand, what we need is an ESSENTIAL store!

This is a part of the second stage of black liberation prior to the abolition of capitalism. The Black Liberation Project's goal is to promote the creation and institution of essential black-owned businesses such as a Grocery Store, a Bank, a clinic, and a school.

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Enjoy your time with your family and friends its all we have for real

Geetings Family,

Some good news and some bad news.

The Good News:

Mobile app have been appoved in both iOS and Android App store, so it can be downloaded...Finally!

The Bad News:

While the apps have been approved, we found some issues with the initial loading, messages and a few other necessary features. We are working to fix them as soon as possible and will update when they have been resolved.

So do bear with us! We are closer now!! Thank you for all the support!!

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This in-fact, were part of being conditioned just enough so that we can see past these opportunities and discount ourselves out by saying "It's for white people". 

Do not limit your investment to only stocks, because it's temporary but DO invest in every logical avenue you can. Whether it be crypto currencies, bonds, tangible stocks and more. 

While you're investing in capital gains, don't for one minute, lack investment in family, education, community, vocational skills, farming etc..because these are indeed..long-lasting. 

Volunteers in the DMV area..your city needs you!

Making a difference, begins with you!

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Being "woke" is a state of mind.  

Being "woke" and doing the work, is your state of mind actually working. Proactivity is taking place.  

Working on preventing something from happening is where we need to be at, even if we are not always successful. 

We can sit and have a whole monologue of what needs to happen.."Monday night quarterbacking" as they say....but if we only expect others to take a stance and not ourselves, then it's not leadership. It's lack of action to change our outcome.

Continued in comments....

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Me just finding out about this platform today on twitter. Time to put my peoples on!

Believe in yourself.. Bet on yourself.. Love yourself ❤️

Check out Finnlondon It's a UK black owned Neobank (I have been waiting for something like this to be created for years). Consider this to be our own version of monzo/revolut. It's looking to be launched later this year.

Do your research on Finn and those behind it and hopefully you come to the same conclusion I have, that this is looking promising and more of us need to hear about this and jump on board.

If you also want to join the waiting list click on the following link:




#blackownedbanking #INVEST #fintech #fubu #uk #london

Dont be up there killin yoself at work... Them mfs wont come to the funeral & damn sho aint gone carry yo casket ! 💯

Collaboration is key and our New Era Brothers and Sisters are here to do the "ACTUAL" work!!

We stand with them!!

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Forever keep your pure heart.. But dont give more than whatchu got !

When it seem like erbody around you not fwy & you feel alone... Turn up yo hustle x10... Cause when its all said & done youn owe nobody a conversation about shit but yoself 📌

Our Blkem users,

We provided this platform so that we can socialize without all the racial trauma as well as walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Continue to get the word out there about Blkem and what we stand for. The more users uttilize the platform the more we can expand and conduct more work online and on the ground.

We are collaborating with a few organizations and platforms to bring physical and digital tangibles for our community. Things are happening behind the scenes.

We are all we got!

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damn 80+ followers and the same 8 people fw my shit... this really is a family cus you other mfs are the cousins in different states that a nigga only seen once in a lifetime 😂😂😂


While they are currently colonizing Africa and the Caribbean...

once this app drop in the app store , so long twitter🤷🏾‍♂️

Twitter does not value us. We do! Thank you!

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I was just tellin my friend about blkem and sent her this thread 😭😭😭😭 she said nothin but facts

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We're pretty small right now but looking to expand soon and bring on some more of our people to assist with new future developments. Our goal is to help create jobs for the Black community and once we grow, we will be able to do so!

#FollowTrain Lets Get It Poppin🗣

#FollowTrain I follow back , lets turn this app up 🤫🔥

Not sure if this was already posted.

This is a new space for collective learning.

I know I've enjoyed their content on YouTube and now they have their own space.