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As an #Israelite, I support my Brothers and Sisters in the #ADOS movement, Those of us in the truth, know the TRUTH of Reparations!

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF WORLD WAR 3 ??? Has Grandpa Biden started WW3?
Rockets Hit Iraqi Airbase Hosting U.S. Troops, Say U.S. Forces | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rockets Hit Iraqi Airbase Hosting U.S. Troops, Say U.S. Forces | Morning Joe | MSNBC - YouTube

At least 10 rockets targeted a..

That's bc we ARE different. We are TMH's Chosen People bc we are the ancient#ISRAELITES! Our enslavers knew exactly who we were, but they also knew that we were under a curse from our God.

TMH tells us all of this in Deuteronomy 28.

It never fails..regardless of where we are, there's going to be people that see us differently than everyone else.

Our goal is to get pass this hinderance and focus on our goal, together!

White Supremacist Thomas Sewell ASSAULTS Black Security Guard at Channel 9 Studio - YouTube

Thanks for watching!?Leave A L..

Yes, he is. Sad. But he is wrong about meritorioud Manumission. It was ONLY granted to a slave who saved a white man's life.

There were other rewards for turning in the brave Black men who were planning a rebellion ... sometimes (when I look at our men today) I think all the brave Black men were killed and all that was left to procreate were the cowards and Sambos.

Well, maybe the majority, but certainly not all.

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hes just securing his OWN bag 🥸🦝🐀

No, never heard of either. What are they?

yall ever heard of grounding or earthing?

What kind of movies do you like?

need a good movie to watch 👀👀👀

DO we realize that when George Floyd was kill and we all saw it happen live or on video replay ... NOW ... no white person in America can say that they didn't know that their police were murdering us!!!

Yah says that now, they can ALL be held accountable, every single one who did not/is not working to defund these wicked slave-catcher police forces.#DEFUNDPOLICE

The police who murdered "George Floyd" trial will be held on the 8th of this month and I will be tuned in to see the outcome 🤳🏿

As a Child of TMH Yah, it reminds me that we are commanded to 'tell' people about His boundless love for us ... It's not my job to 'convince' anyone.

This reminded me of the time I seen this post and it still hit hard for me till this day

Many people (not just Black people) are aginst taking the COVID vaccine bc they were all created in 7-9 months. Some of were alive and remember that it took 40 years to develop an AIDS vaccine ... this is the normal timeline.
Another reason is that this CVID vaccine attaches a message onto our body's RNA (it's full name is messenger RNA). It's job in the human body is to take directions to our DNA. Our DNA contains all the information necessary to make a human being.

This vaccine is attempting to change the human DNA without any long-term testing. THIS IS DANGEROUS for obvious reasons.

what happened. i did not understand why there are ppl against the vacine???


whoever behind the Blkem Admin account, I love you 😭 been waiting for somebody to make this platform for us 🥺.

$1400 Third Stimulus Check Update & Trending News March 2

Enter his $100 give-away while you're there!

$1400 Third Stimulus Check Update & Trending News March 2 - YouTube

Third stimulus check 3 update ..

This is why I don't worry about America giving us#Reparations !!! Because whether they do or not, TMH Yah has already said that He will in Isaiah 60:9.
(Tarshish is Spain in the old testament.)

“Surely the isles shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy sons from far, their silver and their gold with them, unto the name of the LORD thy God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because he hath glorified thee.”

Pastor John Kilpatrick Says "God Will Avenge Black People,They're God's Chosen People!" - YouTube


Pastor John Kilpatrick Says "God Will Avenge Black People,They're God's Chosen People!" - YouTube

Pastor John Kilpatrick Says "G..

America is quick to say that no white people alive today owned slaves ... but that is a lie. In Mississippi Mae Miller, her brother Authur, and their entire family were held as slaves in Mississippi until the early 1960's!!!

Genealogist Who Tracks Down Modern-Day Slavery Practices - YouTube

Slavery might have ended on pa..

... for breakfast, I mean lol

Happy Birthday !!!

I have chocolate-almond ice cream for my birthday!!!

What's your fav thing on your birthday?

Happy Birthday !!!

I have chocolate-almond ice cream for my birthday!!!

What's your fav thing on your birthday?

today's my birthday 🎉

The Nations Biggest Collection Of Racist Objects Are All In A Michigan College Basement - YouTube

David Pilgrim, a Black sociolo..

im not so sure Biden is the lesser. At least Trump would not have raised transgenders above us socially and he would not be fighting to keep illegal immigrants in this country (to also place above us socially).

Trump would not hve done anything to help ue, but at least he would not have passed laws and written edicts that harm us.

Biden is deliberately IGNORING us, to his shame.

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Old YT people do not mess with us. I don't know why we not getting it? Yall literally voted for the lesser of 2 evils

once this app drop in the app store , so long twitter🤷🏾‍♂️

Pastor John Kilpatrick Says "God Will Avenge Black People,They're God's Chosen People!"

If being a superior Race is too offensive lets put together a Superior Culture. A Culture of celebrated and practiced excellence of ever task under the Sun for the positioning and promotion of our people # You are what you repeatedly Do


It is a shame that Haitians and Africans didn't come to America and join their voices with ADOS Black Americans to push for equality and fair treatment - instead they mocked us, called us slaves, and denigrated us all over social media. As a result of spending years fight them and white supremacy, we are weaker and they are being deported.

WTF were they thinking?

Biden Is Deporting Hundreds of Haitians While the Country Is in Chaos - YouTube

Despite a moratorium on deport..

Democrats Passing Laws For Everyone Except Black Voters ...

It was Black people who put Biden in the WH ...

It was B;lack people who gave the Democrats control of the Senate ...

Yet who is Biden writing bills for left and right?

LGBT, Transgenders, immigrants, and white women!

It is time to get informed!!!!

Democrats Passing Laws For Everyone Except Black Voters - YouTube

Biden and the Dems are passing..

Random Thought: But as I'm sitting here going through my grad school application I just wish that we could finally grow past this "if we don't tell kids they won't know" stage. Kids know! I was a child & I knew. You were a child & you knew. Your kids know! Educating kids on topics that we look at as "too advanced" or think "they'll try it" is better than letting their friends educate them and your child now receiving misinformation that could potentially harm them in someway.

So lets GROW UP! Yall decided to be parents and parenting includes tough conversations, even if you don't enjoy the

I've seen pics of Kenya and it is a very beautiful country. I included your President in a school paper I did a few years ago when he was asked by a reported if he was afraid of getting trouble saying that gay rights is a non-issue for his country.

His answer was beautiful.
Here's the video:

President Uhuru: " Gay rights a non-issue for Kenya" - YouTube

Differences arose between Keny..

I'd like to share facts and pictures about my country#kenya 🇰🇪 with y'all. Are y'all down for that?

I'll start with this here... It's a piece of art created by a local artist after the 2007 post violence election where the youth were armed by local leaders of different tribes with machetes aka 'pangas' and used them to terrorize rival tribes. It was a trying time in Kenya and we've continually worked to ensure this will never happen again. With upcoming elections in 2022, we hope to stand together as one nation and end divisive politics. If you'd like to know more, like and comment below.

Not lately. The one show I watched a year or so ago seemed very well written with superb acting ... but was scary as hell!! lol

has anyone watched american horror story?

ABC is usig FLATBLACKNESS to represent ADOS during Black History Month. FLATBLACKNESS is using Africans, Caribbeans, anyone with a black face to represent us! We remember how they flattened the Native Americans, while infiltrating their tribes and have now wiped them out! And that is their plan for ADOS!

Please let ABC's Good Morning America that this is unacceptable and represents a racist, genocidal attack upon our nation!

Recognize FLATBLACKNESS and speak out whenever you see it!!!

Our gatekeepers are facing the wrong direction.
The epitome of self-hate.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that was tired of folks allowing YT ppl in our spaces.... this bout to be litttt asf