Danny Silva
12 days ago

it cant be your 1st time

My 1st time having a smoothie. Not bad.

Now to my Dragon Ball fans
Since Piccolo trained Gohan since childhood, shouldn't he learn Special Beam Cannon and Hellzone Grenade ?

So I was watching that The Notorious B.I.G documentary, and I need to know your opinion
Is he the GOAT or not ?

So, now that we dont have Vanillas can we discuss whats the best Air Jordan ever ?

I never understood why ppl crave attention. Just be extra for no reason 🤦🏾‍♂️

since we all verified ... who's really famous here ?

so they made a Love Island in South Africa ... with only 1 black girl (???)

vanilla person are playing too much

well im verified so ... WHAT UP BROWN CHECK GANG

the absence of vanilla is really cleating the air in this thang man I love it