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Mom 🤎 Conspiracy Theorist🧠 Business Owner ( 🖍 Black...AF🖤

honor and appreciate the black men in your life everyday but today (especially) 🤎💐

"in order to stop being colonized people,

we must purge our minds

of every ounce of colonized thinking" #quotes

It takes US to make that step because it's needed.

nothing gives me anxiety like when i feel like im holding up a line

today has been blissful. I got to see the sunrise, fall asleep outside and learn this city a little more... currently drinking wine and watching trolls with the bday boy. couldn’t ask for a better day🥰🥳

I’ve yet to meet a person in Charlotte that’s actually from Charlotte

haven’t heard a bad dvsn song yet…except that one song w future 🤢

I’m officially over Walmart. everything about is has become horrible: long lines, spoiled produce, products locked up with no sales rep available to assist. 0/10 . would NOT recommend

its definitely not easy at alllllllll... its a day-by-day transistion... but you will begin to see life differently and the energy you put out in the atmosphere comes back to you 🖤

Jan 2021-June 2021; 5 months with#locs and I’m in absolute love

best medicine for sinus issues?? I tried Benadryl and HATED how sleepy I was

especially with my mama being obsessed with the numbers 444✨

I was born at 2:44. I feel like that means something

my son is currently obsessed w “can’t stop the feeling” from the trolls movie

everything is working for my good. He’s intentional; never failing

everything is being worked out and planned for me, behind the scenes

blessed rising✨ today will be a great day. we have the power to overcome any obstacle that may get in our way. 🤎

tried a new recipe today (creamy tuscan salmon over rice) and i was soooo proud.