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Owner and creator of Gem & I Creation LLC. Where we sell Soy handpoured scented candles. For your enjoyment pleasure.

Lmaooooooo! Welcome

Me just finding out about this platform today on twitter. Time to put my peoples on!

Who here remembers Black people STARTED Social Media with "Black Planet"? All were welcome but if you started drama and you were an "other" people would call you out. That led the way for "MySpace" I direct BITE of BP where "others" would feel more. comfortable. Then came "FaceBook" which was originally for college students. It differed from MS by asking people to use real names so people could track you down. Then came Twitter to put a limit on some of them long ass post. Then instagram cause who reads anymore anyway. I could go on but you get the point.#ORIGINATORS

Once upon a time, we owned farmland and passed that intergenerational wealth to our families. Today, We own less than 1/2 of 1%.

Support black owned homesteaders and farmers. Visit my store and learn more.

Time to play 'Verified'. Hit that one word catch phrase Soulja Boy said during a Breakfast Club interview which went viral. Think you got it? Comment below..

Teyana Taylor makes some beautiful ass babies😩😍

This seems to be an intersting platform. Would love to connect with#blackowned businesses in#texas.

Twitter does not value us. We do! Thank you!

Blkem needs to blow up. I'm getting tired of Twitter...

There are people that are trying to undermine what we stand for. What we stand for is seeing the Black Community prosper.

We already had a few thorns and there may be a few more that's in hiding. We have changed the verification process from (7) days to 24 hours.

Now, any new sign-ups will have 24 hours to send a verification before their timeline is disabled. Once it's disabled, you can still verify or contact The Blkem Support team.

This protects the integrity of the platform so we can work with little to no distractions.


Why the continuous creation of divide? This is one of the weak areas in our community. Imagine if we just put it aside for one second and focus on what can make us stronger, locally and internationally!

Let's work together!!


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Hi Tiffany, I too am a small business owner. Remember, people who don't understand what you need generally aren't trying to go in the direction that you are going! Stay focused! My wife just checked out your website & subscribed to your newsletter. She loves candles.

There are many small business owners on this platform and i'm sure they can help motivate you when you need it. Stay positive and motivated.

As a black small business owner i swear it can be lonley sometimes. your friends dont understand the motivation you need sometimes because they dont understand what you are doing. With thay being said i need some business buddies.

We as Black people have only been slapping at White Supremacy ever since we got civil rights. Not to take away anything from anybody who has fought for the freedoms I have today, my appreciation is a understatement, because back then I would have been on a soap box on a street corner, where the enemy would have heard my rhetoric and possibly plotted on me. But today I come to you humbly and with much RESPECT.

To Say Now is Our time, past due in fact for for us to close our hand into the Mighty Fist we really are as a race because we are truly in last place in the world except in the prison system/justice in USA which is the new Jim Crow. We should really unite to get Silver, Gold, Green(Land) Rights that is in debit to us and the many other looted rights in not only In the USA but at home too in Africa.

There's a distinct difference between RACISM & REALISM... REALISM is backed by TRUTH & STATISTICAL DATA!!! It is critical that we establish & maintain a BLK MEDIA, especially as we see the assault against the 1st amendment when it comes to us & the dramatic leftist propaganda geared at coaxing is into implosion & insolvency!

Today is a MAGICAL day as Saturn and Jupiter align for the first time since the Middle Ages! Save 50% off on the MAGICAL story of the Queen of Heaven.

Who is the Queen of Heaven mentioned in Jeremiah 44:17? No one knows. Black matriarchs with superpowers were murdered and erased from history. Why? A secret hidden over 3,000 years. Revealed in my epic, Ashira's World: The Queen of Heaven Returns.


Black Pound Day officially launched on the 27th of June 2020 and has continued/will continue being celebrated on the 1st Saturday of every month.

So with all that being said happy Black Pound Day Family!!!

P.S. All of us should actively be makes conscious decisions to spend more with our own.


The Official Black Pound Day website:

Check out this black owned company called Jamii.

What is it?
A discount card and discovery platform, making it easy for you to find and shop at the best of independent black-owned businesses in the Uk. Launched in 2016 in response to the#blacklivesmatter movement Jamii's on a mission to make shopping at black-owned brands as seamless and instinctive as any other.

continued below...

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The Ethos.
On the surface, it might seem like we’re about saving money, but really Jamii is about pride in who we are: we’re promoting the beauty, ambition and strength of the Black British community.

Jamii is encouraging people of all backgrounds to embrace the magic of our people, our culture, our past and our future. These are the ideas at our core: respect, identity and unabashed blackness

Continued below…

I think in 2021, this platform is really gonna catch on.#blkem

Caribbean Blacks who are living in the United States, we have to get away from being solely self-interested and resentful to African Americans not grasping towards the opportunitues we are utilizing.

There's a reason why we have more access to all these opportunities and African Americans, access to little.

There's a difference in treatment of Caribbean Blacks and African Americans. At the end of the day, White Supremacy lumps us all in the same category of oppressed people.

So choose your fight, wisely. Research and understand.


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