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Co-Founder of a nonprofit that operates in a grassroots capacity as a Community Based Organization that serves under-represented families

Good Morning BLKEM.COM!

I hope all is well with your family and that this holiday season still brings you joy in spite of everything we have experienced as a country and as a collective of strivers.

Below I have included a website in regards to information about a quickstart kit giveaway by Government Contracts Association.




We are offering FREE promo on Instagram, FB and the BLKEM Network.  


A complimentary opportunity for more exposure, who would turn that down?  


1. Create an affiliate discount code "BLKEM" (for online stores only) with the percentage discount you're offering. 


2. Send us your business name and discount information via DM or email support@blkem.com   


3. If you're not able to create such code (offline businesses only), send us your information anyway.   

4. We will add to a list and promo the list a week or less before Black Fr

The Blkem Initiative - Blackity ..

Capital Redirection! We are calling on Black businesses who are providing sales, deals and discounts on Black Friday, Nov 27th. We are offering FREE promo on...

I have just discovered the Google Digital Garage through www.blackpoundday.UK

Check out the video below of a young lady that turned her passion into a business with the help of the Google Digital Garage. The best part it's all FREE! Say less and don't sleep on this opportunity family.

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LoveWeddingsNG: become a full-fl..

Inspired by her love of weddings, Seyi Ayinla created a website to give Nigerian couples in the UK and Nigeria the inspiration they need to plan the perfect ...

Check out this black owned company called Jamii.

What is it?

A discount card and discovery platform, making it easy for you to find and shop at the best of independent black-owned businesses in the Uk. Launched in 2016 in response to the#blacklivesmatter movement Jamii's on a mission to make shopping at black-owned brands as seamless and instinctive as any other.

continued below...




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Replied to Oluwatobi Bello's Post

The Jamii card.

The Jamii card saves you up to 40% on each purchase when shopping with one of our partners. It works online and offline, lasts for a year and you get unlimited usage!

Continued below…




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Blessings and prosperity to this beautiful community of strivers. Today's Pivot Point video for encouragement as you keep your eyes on your prize is from JT Hustlez. Check him out; like and subscribe to his channel.

This brother uploads nothing but positive energy and encouragement to build your financial house for all the folks out here willing to grind in this game of life.


Good Morning beautiful people!

Today we encourage you to take steps towards protecting the businesses you are building and your family.

Enjoy this informative video from Lynn Richardson


Knowledge is POWER! Keep abreast of the COV-19 numbers in your state and community with Rt: Tracker live.


This couple provides steps you can take towards financial freedom even if you don't have a college degree.


3 High Paying Part Time Jobs You..

With so many other ways to bring extra income into your household, it’s always a good idea to start thinking about and exploring your options. At His & Her ..

The surge in COV-19 is rising and its having an impact on the stock market today. Here is what Dr. Boyce Watkins has to say about it.


The stock market is melting down..

The #stockmarket is doing crazy things right now and investors are going to have to buckle up for a wild economic ride. Futures on the Dow Jones imply that U...

Check out the information Dr. Boyce Watkins is sharing on wealth building and stock investment.


This is the most undervalued bla..

According to Seeking Alpha, an investment company, Urban One stock could be due for an explosion. Urban one actually benefits from expected increases in corp...

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We know the issues, beyond a doubt. 

We know what we need to do, beyond a doubt. 

We know it takes work, beyond a doubt. 

It''s only going to be a matter of time before we CAN'T make excuses no more. 

WHY are we waiting to find out? 

#blkem #adminpost

The energy we have, to bargain for sales and deals in stores should be the same energy we use for political tangibles. Ones that's indeed necessary for our community. 

What we have seen is that we go hard for tangibles in one instance, then we justify why we don't need to go hard anymore, or the noise for it have been diluted. Same narrative over and over. This is getting old! 

We shouldn't let our bargaining power become diluted when it comes to politics. 

Our LIVES depends on it! 

Let's make money moves as a community. We still have time to make strong financial moves towards economic empowerment and financial freedom.


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#LynnRichardson -Wealth-University.myshopify.com

#HisandHerMoney .com