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Professional TV binger. Beyonce fan.

Chloe Bailey appreciation post✨

Chloe Bailey covers "Love On the Brain" by Rihanna (Fixed) - YouTube

________Chloe x Halle Now (also known as CXHNOW) is a fan site, media, and news account for fans of Chloe x Halle to keep up to date on the duos' activities....

Would've liked to see this song get a grammy

All my fav colors. My sisters & my brothers

Black Pumas - Colors [Lyrics on screen] - YouTube

⚠️ If any author or copyright owner has an issue with any of the material I use, please contact me and I`ll delete it immediately.? Also ...

sooooo whats the lingo on here🤔?! i mean its not twitter so techinally im not tweeting .,so am i BLk'n ?

Question. Once the revolution starts and we go all black everything, can i still stream my kpop bops and anime or...

if you dont know Mr Ghana Baby (Wode Maya), You should definetly check out his youtube channel. he is showing us the africa that we never saw, and shares inspirational success stories of africans born in africa, and africans returning to africa . his older videos about being an african in china are also interesting.#africatotheworld