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A platnium plaque or two...possibly three, before the end of the year. Speaking and living it into fruition. πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ™ŒπŸ½


I have agreed with everything Keri Hilton has said for a while. I love that she isn’t afraid to say what a small amount of us

Yes...yes and yes. Soo on point.πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

In the words of The Black Authority, β€œappropriation equals replacement”, β€œdon’t let them guilt us from defending what’s ours”. 

When it comes to striking and boycotting, we know how to do that well, but what we fail to do after, is follow through and this is more than likely the reason we still return to our oppression. 

Now that Black content creators have went on strike, what’s the solution? What is it changing? Do let us know! 

Continued in comments..

#blkem #contentcreators #blackcontentcreators


armed Black self defense groups in Tulsa to honor and memorialize Black Wall Street


Hundreds of Black people open carried firearms in formation

- no arrests

- no incidents of police brutality

- no police shooting of Black people

Note: police were polite, understanding and accommodating

We have to switch the conversation from Knowing Black History to Knowing Black Future!!!

If you dont have a Robin Hood mentality you are only Robbing your Hood. # Hunters and Gatherers operate outside the village with Intention of Enriching the village upon their Return. (Big on the Return you must Return back to the village.)

Wow...that is beautiful! I can't wait to make a purchase! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

Hi. My name is Natalie and I make jewelry that wows people. A lot of people think that Pandora's charms have real gemstones and are NOT plated, but that's not true. Also, they did not invent that style of bracelets. (The style is known as "European Style Charm Bracelets.") They simply put them on the map by charging outrageous prices for the same charms that I have access to across the pond. When I saw how high they were charging, I wanted to give my people a better alternative. Check out my Facebook business page or take a look at the bracelets below!


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Greetings all,

Really do hope everyone is doing well. Engagement have definitely slowed down on the platform, which is understandable but temporary due to our ever progressing developments.

Those who have downloaded the mobile app and also provided feedback, we thank you as it is a great help to ongoing developments.

We are literally working behind the scenes to push out new developments and make the app more convenient for you all.

We are also working with New Era Nation to bring some needed elements, digitally.

Stay tuned!

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colonized people are systematically brainwashed

to believe colonizers have legitimate authority

Had writer's block I'm on a roll. The thing is...I changed the concept of the song three times. I hope this third time is the charm. 😊🀷🏽

Greetings Grand Family Rising! I forgot to post this last week.

This is indeed true..many do claim to want to support but continue not to. Either it's not popular or it's lacking elements that non-black individuals have. We have to break this habit if we are to expect some real wins.

We have to push that "want" to find Black Owned products and/or services to utilize and even if they don't have it, why not establish it, individually or as a whole.

Let's break this mindset where we can atleast GROW and stabilize our foundation.

#blkem #verifiedgames #buyblack #blackowned #funnight

Wait...even though you can still get Covid after vaccination?? Make it make sense. πŸ˜’πŸ˜£

Well I guess those who haven't received the vaccine in St Vincent (Majority Black Folks) will not be getting evacuated.

Nothing to see here folks..just white supremacy taking advantage of our lack of power in society.

Be on the lookout for the impending dominance due to this vaccine!!!

#prayforstvincent #saveallregardless

Awesome! 😊

Congratulations!!! You will be successful!!!

I'm unlearning and learning every day. πŸ’―

do you know history, or just what they taught in school?

I'm not surprised. πŸ˜’

Ol’ Jim Crow Joe Biden! Let’s talk about it….As we know that Jim Crow laws were a collection of state and local laws created in order to have a society built upon institutionalized racial segregation and racism codified into law.


Black Men..stand up! Be there for our Black Women!

This is INTRINSICALLY a true statement!! This is why Black men need to do better and stop caping for everyone else!! Lift up Black women each and every day. Defend Black women, each and every day. Treat Black women each and every day. Love Black women each and every day. White supremacy thrives on seeing the disrespect our women receive and they salivate at the mouth when BLACK MEN is the culprit behind the disrespect!

#B1 #blkem #blackwomen

Magnetic Fluid

Magnetic Fluid and Melanin

Transition Metals

Transition Metals and Melanin

Carbon and Diamonds

Heat and Electricity conductors

Melanin Heat and Electricity conductor

Carbon and Melanin


Schrodinger's cat

Quantum Mechanics and melanin

Quantum Physics and melanin

Melanin Vibrational Frequency

Topics I just think we should look further into. I mean, why leave their extensive melanin studies up to them?? Ya dig?? πŸ˜’πŸ€” πŸ’―

Right. πŸ’―β€πŸ™πŸΌβœŠπŸ½πŸ’ŽπŸ‘·πŸ½

Time can be our nemesis depending on how we utilize it. 
Understanding where we are at in this timeline is undoubtedly important, especially knowing where we came from. 
Negative history repeats itself if we continue to allow it.  
Our ancestors did their time and the groundwork to secure a better future for us, with little to no resources.  
We have access to more than what they had, so in all reality, we should be doing more to end our suffering. If not ours, then for those that will come after us!! 
Don't be selfish. Become selfless for Black Empowerment.

Corrective action is needed because Sharon is exhibiting systemic racism at its "best." Utilizing derogatory terms to insult people of color is usually not the norm these days. What is the norm for those who hold white supremacy ideologies is the simple act of dismissing "so-called" racist behavior and turning the old "blind-eye" to overt racism. If she truly doesn't understand how she offended people of color and her coworkers of her age...that there should speak volumes. If you are white...and your white friend makes racist are racist. If you speak out against it...wel


Wow..gone for a few days and BLKEM has blown up tremendously!! This is how we build a Black Owned Network.


This is in the works to become a whole complete vibe. 😜@aka_natway_instrumentals Γ—@stanleybrown_beatninja